Wedding Photography Style

dallas wedding photography style

My Style

My goal is to document your wedding as it happens and capture those moments when people are themselves, wrapped up in the moment and not focusing on the camera. I have a documentary style, which is often referred to as photojournalism. While posed, formal shots are part of the wedding experience, there is much more required in order to capture your special day.

While I appreciate photography as an art form, my approach is to get to know and understand the couple and what it is that you want. I want you to feel comfortable with me; like working with an old friend and try to keep things fun and relaxed. It is your big day, and it is all about you and the images must convey your individual personality, express the intimacy and emotion of the moment, and tell your unique and timeless story.

The advantage to my style is that in the end, it provides a more natural collection of pictures that better capture the true emotions and spirit of a wedding. In addition, it enables me to be less obtrusive and allows the bride and groom to enjoy their special day rather than posing for pictures.

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