West Coast Vacation & Wedding

What a month! Amisha and John’s wedding took place in Seattle and from there we went to Disneyland and then ended our vacation in Newport Beach, CA. It was great to see aunts and uncles we have not seen in years.

The boys had a great time at Disney although it was quite exhausting! Manish had a stomach bug and Hannah got a sinus infection so that made things a bit more stressful. But, we got over it and then spent a few days at Newport Beach, CA (this was the best part)!

The images below are a few favorites from our vacation.


2014_07_fam_01.jpg This was a very steep climb and the boys had to help their Uncle; Aunt Bella reads to the boys

2014_07_fam_02.jpg Home of the Seahawks; we took a tour of the stadium and then the boys had an after game interview 🙂

2014_07_fam_03.jpg Having fun as this was a family reunion of sorts

2014_07_fam_04.jpg Downtown Seattle at Public Market. That is the first Starbucks ever built.

2014_07_fam_05.jpg In Farmers Market, the boys look at the fish. They look delicious!

2014_07_fam_06.jpg A few from the rehearsal dinner. A pinata for the kids lots of dancing.

2014_07_fam_07.jpg Per Life360 Locator app, this is where Papa was throughout these 2 days as he picked up people from the airport, ran errands and did all sorts of other stuff. Amisha, tell him Thank You Dad!

2014_07_fam_08.jpg Wedding time! Amisha and John are thrilled. The boys are supposed to be ‘security’ but are more interested in watching a movie.

2014_07_fam_09.jpg Amisha looks wonderful and Oak, Miss O, Logan and Grandma pose for a picture

2014_07_fam_29.jpg Us!

2014_07_fam_10.jpg The trips in their wedding outfits, the cousins below and Ananya goes Hollywood

2014_07_fam_11.jpg We took a ferry ride and then we stopped by the water and skipped rocks in the ocean

2014_07_fam_12.jpg Beautiful Seattle! The middle picture shows Mt. Ranier and the bottom was a seagull that flew right over us

2014_07_fam_13.jpg Aiden enjoying the sights and ferry ride

2014_07_fam_14.jpg Here we are in Disneyland

2014_07_fam_15.jpg We went all over the park. Disneyland is a vacation for kids, exhaustion for parents!

2014_07_fam_16.jpg Loving every bit…but the best part (which brought a huge smile to Aiden’s face) was…

2014_07_fam_17.jpg Carsland with McQueen

2014_07_fam_18.jpg At night, Disneyland is beautiful!

2014_07_fam_19.jpg This was our favorite part, Newport Beach…simply beautiful!

2014_07_fam_20.jpg The boys and their Great Grandma

2014_07_fam_21.jpg Breathtaking! Warm sun, hot sand, cool water…found a crab by the rocks.

2014_07_fam_22.jpg Running around and playing in the sand

2014_07_fam_23.jpg Some more pics from Newport in the evening, night and morning…it is always so beautiful!

2014_07_fam_24.jpg When it was evening, they ran around on the beach…

2014_07_fam_25.jpg But in the afternoon, it is playtime in the water. Grandma gets hit by a wave!

2014_07_fam_26.jpg In their element having the time of their lives! Aiden said, “I’ve waited my whole life for this!”

2014_07_fam_27.jpg Papa and Grandma on the beach; while Uncle and Great Grandma stay back.

2014_07_fam_28.jpg It was a great time! Hope to visit again sometime.

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