Wedding Shower (Surprise)

2014_05_fam_01.jpg Which one is enjoying this more?

2014_05_fam_02.jpg Evan wants to call the plays but uncle Oak takes charge

2014_05_fam_03.jpg Meanwhile, Aiden plays football down the slide

2014_05_fam_04.jpg Time to eat!

2014_05_fam_05.jpg Fake crying! He doesn’t want to wear the outfit, he wants to eat it.

2014_05_fam_06.jpg Aunt Rashmi is having a good time while Aunt Nupur gives shoulder rides

2014_05_fam_07.jpg So much fun at the park. Papa gives chase to Aiden and eventually caught him.

2014_05_fam_08.jpg Fun at Ontario beach. The kids try to catch the seagulls.

2014_05_fam_09.jpg The kids pose while the birds fly away

2014_05_fam_10.jpg They have a race while Oak, Aunt O and baby Logan take a picture

2014_05_fam_11.jpg Fun on the merry go round. Uncle Abishek likes this lion. ‘Prince’ (aka ‘A’) had a great time too.

2014_05_fam_12.jpg Getting ready to go to the surprise shower…stop playing games!

2014_05_fam_13.jpg The boys had a blast everywhere they went

2014_05_fam_14.jpg A few pictures of everyone

2014_05_fam_15.jpg Fun fun fun.

2014_05_fam_16.jpg These are some of the weirdest looking brides.

2014_05_fam_17.jpg But, they made everyone laugh.

2014_05_fam_18.jpg Amisha and Jon entertained everyone while the kids watched a movie on the Ipad.

2014_05_fam_19.jpg Some more family pics

2014_05_fam_20.jpg …and some more…

2014_05_fam_21.jpg …and a group shot.

2014_05_fam_22.jpg Back to the beach. Grandma and Amisha help the boys build a sand castle. Amisha gives a kiss to Grandma.

2014_05_fam_23.jpg Seems Grandma is doing all the work. Jon and Ethan take a walk by the water.

2014_05_fam_24.jpg The boys found a…toad!

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