Easter fun

Easter time included a visit from Papa and Grandma, making Easter eggs with the cousins and a lot of time outdoors. The boys are excited that summer is approaching and keep asking when they can go in the pool. It will probably be a few weeks but with Texas weather, you never can tell.


2014_04_fam_01.jpg Tossing the football with Papa

2014_04_fam_02.jpg Time for toy cars down the driveway

2014_04_fam_03.jpg Aiden loses a wheel; Evan, don’t hit Aiden! What are Papa and Grandma laughing at?

2014_04_fam_04.jpg Making Easter eggs (Monster Inc. style)

2014_04_fam_06.jpg E&E climb a tree with their cousin, Kaelyn; the boys admire a hot rod

2014_04_fam_05.jpg The boys and Daddy

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