Baby Emma

A few weeks ago, I took some portraits of the Williams Family in Lewisville. They wanted a few more pics of their newest addition (Emma). Below are some pictures from the session. We chose some props in a few of the shots to give it a ‘police’ theme.









The boys turned six years old this September! What an amazing 6 years this has been for us!

Instead of having a birthday party here, we decided to take them to Seaworld (San Antonio), TX. It was their first time visiting and they had a wonderful time seeing the wildlife, enjoying the rides (including the roller coaster) and petting the dolphins. Below are a few favorites from the trip.


2013_09_pics_01.jpgOn the roller coaster…Aiden, did it scare you?

2013_09_pics_02.jpgMerry go round and a few others

2013_09_pics_03.jpgUp and down….and some dolphins

2013_09_pics_04.jpgSpeaking of dolphins…

2013_09_pics_05.jpgIn the aqaurium. Aiden kept asking people “where is Nemo?”

2013_09_pics_06.jpgMore playtime

2013_09_pics_07.jpgPlaying ball in the backyard

2013_09_pics_08.jpgEthan, why are you touching the sprinkler?

2013_09_pics_09.jpgWatching some TV

2013_09_pics_10.jpgA show (and some penguins)

2013_09_pics_11.jpg“Animal” connections

2013_09_pics_12.jpgYes, they rode the water ride with a big splash

2013_09_pics_13.jpgAt the end of the trip, Fun, but exhausting.

2013_09_pics_14.jpgWater time at Sea World

2013_09_pics_15.jpgOn the way back, some time with Oak

2013_09_pics_16.jpgSo happy to be home

Williams Family Portraits

Jason and Liz wanted some family portraits by the Feed Mill in Lewisville, TX to celebrate their newest family member, baby Emma. It was a nice day for pictures and we got some beautiful shots! Jackson and little Emma did a wonderful job posing for the camera (in Emma’s case, she was sleeping which worked out fine).

A few highlights from the photo shoot…