This is probably the last month the boys will have to splash around in the pool. Even though it is warm in September, they don’t like the water unless it is very warm.

Next month, we will be at “Oak’s” wedding in Austin, TX and it will be a special treat for the boys. They are already looking forward to it. Here are some images


2012_08_005.jpgHaving fun

2012_08_006.jpgBucket head?


2012_08_018.jpgIs it too bright, Ethan?

2012_08_029.jpgTrying to chop down a tree with a stick


2012_08_038.jpgThree little monkeys

2012_08_046.jpgHe loves being outdoors

2012_08_047.jpgHere he comes

2012_08_050.jpg…into the sticks…


2012_08_057.jpgNow what?

2012_08_064.jpgEthan has no fat on his body

    Not too hot to handle

    Even though it is summer, the weather has been quite mild in comparison to prior years. In fact, we were able to get some casual family pictures that turned out quite nice! (See below)

    The boys also had Grandma and Papa visit and they too the Trips to Legoland. This was one of their favorite places to go although it was very, very crowded. The boys built little lego cars and raced them on the ramps.

    Aiden is doing quite well in terms of health. He is consistently able to chew various foods and can even chew his allergy pill. Keep praying he keeps going!

    2012_07_007.jpgThe boys

    2012_07_022.jpgThe little boys

    2012_07_024.jpgAll of us

    2012_07_026.jpgMommy and the boys

    2012_07_058.jpgEthan gets ready to fly off Uncle Tim’s shoulders

    2012_07_066.jpgNeeds to adjust his shorts after being tossed

    2012_07_069.jpgEvan rides Uncle Tim

    2012_07_073.jpgEthie and Grandma snuggle up on the couch

    2012_07_076.jpgPapa and Aiden play together

    2012_07_082.jpgTime for a walk

    2012_07_093.jpgFire cracker indeed!



    2012_07_111.jpgAt Lego Land

    2012_07_116.jpgAiden, the police officer

    2012_07_119.jpgHe loved racing the lego cars


    2012_07_128.jpgTime to go on the ride

    2012_07_135.jpgWith his 3D glasses

    2012_07_137.jpgEvan likes them too

    2012_07_139.jpgThe twins look grumpy

    2012_07_150.jpgThat’s a little better

    2012_07_162.jpgWhat is he thinking?

    2012_07_168.jpgLoves swimming!


    2012_07_176.jpgEthan loves it too


    2012_07_184.jpgAiden’s ‘dive’

    2012_07_188.jpgFun, fun



    2012_07_205.jpgTrying to make sure no one takes his “green toy”

    2012_07_207.jpgAbout to be splashed…again

      The June Raccoon

      We had a little run-in with a baby raccoon who decided to hang out by our front door. We called animal control and he captured the little terror (you can see him in the video below).

      The boys are having quite a time swimming this summer! They love splashing, screaming and making every kind of noise 4-year old boys can make. They swim almost every day and usually more than once.

      Since it was Manish’s birthday this month, the boys also partook (of course) and enjoyed Daddy’s cake and other treats.

      The video also has some other clips of the boys admiring the new “look” of their bathroom. Additionally, they get some swim time and prayer time in too!




      2012_06_006.jpgAlso relaxing

      2012_06_009.jpgManish is officially half way through his 30s