Oak’s Wedding

This past month was quite a blast for the boys. They went to Austin to take part in their uncle Oak’s wedding!

They got to meet several people including many of our relatives from India and several other friends. In the images below, you will see pictures of their cousins Ananjay, Ananya and Aiden (he is from London so we called him ‘London Aiden).

Once they got back home, the boys spent quite a bit of time riding around on their bicycles. We are especially grateful to Amtryke for providing Aiden with a special bike so he can ride with his brothers.

0179_os.jpg From left to right, Ethan, Ananya, Ananhay, Evan, Aiden and (London) Aiden

0193_os.jpg Grandma and the original 5

0652_os.jpg Who is enjoying this more than anyone?

0837_os.jpg Grandma and great grandkids

0860_os.jpg Us

2012_10_001.jpg Enjoying some time with the animals

2012_10_003.jpg What are they watching?

2012_10_009.jpg They seem to love it

2012_10_030.jpg Aiden races his cars

2012_10_031.jpg Breathing treatment time

2012_10_033.jpg Trick or treat

2012_10_037.jpg Ride those bikes!

2012_10_038.jpg The helmet looks too large

2012_10_040.jpg They love it!


collage_2012_10.jpg Ethan is determined as Aiden rides on his special little bike


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