Christmas 2012

It was a rather eventful December. All the boys were sick at one point and then Manish and Hannah got sick as well. The flu was going around but we are not sure exactly what it was. First Aiden, then Ethan, Evan, Manish and finally Hannah. Manish was sick Christmas day…not fun.

The boys also had their ear tubes put in (for the third, or is it forth?, time) to stop the drainage and other issues they have been having.

Despite these issues, they had great (snowy) Christmas and got some very nice toys from Mom and Dad, Grandparents, relatives and Uncle Tim and Aunt Aleta. In the video below, you can see Aiden getting his medical treatment for his lungs and a short clip of the boys reciting Luke 2. They did a great job memorizing nearly the first 30 verses.

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas!



2012_12_misc1.jpg A White Christmas!

2012_12_collage.jpg Riding their bikes

2012_12_027.jpg Times Three!

2012_12_040.jpg Brothers…

2012_12_046.jpg Hmmmm

2012_12_056.jpg Love those bikes!

2012_12_060.jpg So cute

2012_12_064.jpg With their Mimi

2012_12_067.jpg Time to open…presents!

2012_12_080.jpg What’s in here?

2012_12_084.jpg Throwing ‘peanuts’ at each other

2012_12_collage2.jpg They love their gifts!

2012_12_087.jpg They used to bit in their

2012_12_128.jpg A dream come true: he got his Tanker truck

2012_12_139.jpg Loving it!


2012_12_184.jpg Uncle Tim shows them a short video

2012_12_187.jpg Stop putting your hands in your mouth!

2012_12_196.jpg What are they watching?

2012_12_200.jpg Smile!

2012_12_210.jpg Don’t take little Gavin’s toys!

2012_12_219.jpg More gifts?

2012_12_257.jpg In the midst of chaos, Aiden reads

2012_12_286.jpg What did Uncle Tim and Aunt Aleta get the boys?

2012_12_288.jpg Wow… a Mercedes.


2012_12_302.jpg End of day…bedlam.


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