Springtime in Texas is like Summer in the Northeast which made for a perfect time to go to the Dallas Zoo. The boys had a great time and I am sure they had as much fun watching the animals as the animals had watching them!

Aiden has done very well (in part due to the mild winter) and is “eating” more consistently. Of course, he is still tube-fed but at least he is on the right path.

The twins continue to have allergy and ear issues. Other than that they are doing quite well. Below are some pictures and video from the zoo. As you can tell, the boys loved watching the penguins.


2012_03_002.jpg On his way to the….

2012_03_003.jpg Dallas Zoo!

2012_03_005.jpg Waiting to go and visit some animals

2012_03_007.jpg Riding the Kangaroos

2012_03_009.jpg Loving it

2012_03_022.jpg Time to eat

2012_03_023.jpg Time to ponder

2012_03_031.jpg I hope the turtle has a strong shell

2012_03_033.jpg King of the Jungle downgraded to King of the Zoo

2012_03_035.jpg The boys fed the giraffe some food

2012_03_045.jpg Running away

2012_03_047.jpg Daddy drives fast cars?

2012_03_050.jpg Don’t fall in!


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