A November to Remember

It was a fun-filled November for the boys as Papa, Grandma and Aunt Amisha visited for Thanksgiving. Also, their Uncle Sarvish was in town on a corporate training program so he stopped by for Thanksgiving as well. A full house!

Below are several pictures from this month. The boys loved riding their new bikes all over the place and Papa and Grandma had to keep up!

2012_11_other1.jpgFall is here and the colors are beautiful!

2012_11_004.jpgAunt Amisha surrounded by the Trips

2012_11_006.jpgGrandma is enjoying spending time with the boys

2012_11_009.jpgHappy Thanksgiving!

2012_11_014.jpgPapa shows the boys some old pictures of when we were little

2012_11_017.jpgThis looks like trouble

2012_11_026.jpgSpeaking of trouble…

2012_11_032.jpgLoving his Papa…

2012_11_033.jpg…running from Papa

2012_11_036.jpgAiden, what you are looking for?

2012_11_042.jpgGiving some leaves to Papa

2012_11_044.jpgHere come Ethan

2012_11_051.jpgHe always untucks his feeding tube

2012_11_other2.jpgEthan throws some on Aiden

2012_11_061.jpgPapa, Grandma and the boys

2012_11_071.jpgHe does not speak softy, but he carries a big stick

2012_11_other3.jpgLooks like he plans to use it

2012_11_076.jpgEvan! Get down from there.

2012_11_085.jpgEvan decided to pout

2012_11_086.jpgThat may have been a bad idea…

2012_11_088.jpg…a very bad idea…

2012_11_090.jpgEthan ready to climb

2012_11_091.jpgEvan is getting back up

2012_11_092.jpgAiden tries to climb

2012_11_098.jpgThe wall crawl

2012_11_other5.jpgAll three on ledge with Ethan throwing leaves

2012_11_110.jpgThe tongue


2012_11_113.jpgEthan did it

2012_11_123.jpgThen threw something at Papa

2012_11_124.jpgPapa throws back

2012_11_128.jpgBest friends

2012_11_129.jpgAiden, you are supposed to hold hands when crossing!

2012_11_133.jpgGrandma is going to get hit with leaves too

2012_11_134.jpgAiden is the target



2012_11_147.jpgAnd again…



2012_11_154.jpgHe tries to get away

2012_11_156.jpgEvan is in the hunt…

2012_11_other4.jpg…for a prey to throw leaves on

2012_11_176.jpgEthan cooks with Grandma

2012_11_184.jpgHere comes Evan

2012_11_198.jpgRiding bikes with Papa

2012_11_209.jpgAiden needs a pitstop

2012_11_224.jpgAunt Amisha, that is not yours

2012_11_230.jpgWatching something on Mommy’s new cell phone

2012_11_233.jpg…and loving it.