stone! 5 years old! The Trips had their birthday party at Best Gymnastics in Lewisville, TX. The facility was rented out entirely for there birthday party so they had full reign of the entire place! Of course, the party had a “Lightning McQueen” feel to it.

They got soooo many presents that we had to open a few each day over the course of a few days. Now, we have to work on getting the house back in order since there are toys and other junk all over the place! A few pics from this month.

2012_09_005.jpgLooking at his new toy


2012_09_014.jpgThey love it

2012_09_016.jpgMore toys

2012_09_032.jpgGoing for a ride in the white Camaro

2012_09_038.jpgTrying to chop down a tree with a stick

2012_09_040.jpgRunning from Ms. Brittany

2012_09_049.jpgDecorations for the birthday bash

2012_09_052.jpgAiden attempts to smile

2012_09_collage1.jpgAiden jumps while Ethan eats

2012_09_064.jpgLots of space to play

2012_09_collage2.jpgCake, treats, decorations…a McQueen Birthday

2012_09_086.jpgLining up the kids

2012_09_092.jpgThe trips…classic!

2012_09_108.jpgAiden swings

2012_09_133.jpgEthan’s turn

2012_09_163.jpgClose your eyes boys

2012_09_170.jpgKeep them shut for your surprise

2012_09_179.jpgThe surprise…Best Gymnastics Shirts

2012_09_218.jpgNew bikes for their birthday

2012_09_225.jpgPlaying outdoors with cars on the driveway

2012_09_251.jpgMore gifts…

2012_09_261.jpgLaunching pad