Hannah and Aiden have traveled back to Children’s Hospital Boston for follow-up and (possibly) surgery with the ENT. The surgery was initially scheduled for last week, but because the scope of the procedure has changed, the doctor has re-scheduled the surgery for 6 weeks from now and wants to try one more attempt at conservative management through drug therapy during that time. Hopefully, they won’t be gone too long!

In the meantime, Manish is (attempting to) handle the twins at home adn balance work, life, etc.

Aiden continues to do very well with learning how to eat and had been off of continuous oxygen for several months (athough he does still require O2 intermittently from time to time). Winter will be the true test of just how well he is doing. Nevertheless, we are SO thankful for all God has provided time and time again.

Below are some picture of the boys playing outdoors. Now that the weather is finally cooler, they are so happy to be able to go outside and run around.

2011_09_218.jpgEthans declares: Playball!

2011_09_220.jpgEvan agrees

2011_09_226.jpgThis is where we play


2011_09_232.jpgLooks like a hit

2011_09_241.jpgWrong way!

2011_09_258.jpgUh oh. The Boo-bear got a boo-boo.

2011_09_272.jpgHe is playing outfield

2011_09_278.jpgHere comes the pitch


2011_09_282.jpgHe wants another

2011_09_305.jpgOf course, someone had a football so we had to play that too!

2011_09_314.jpgDon’t tackle him too hard!

2011_09_316.jpgCatch me if you can

2011_09_326.jpgTime for some bubbles