The Heat is On

The heat is brutal! There is a new record for most days in any August at or above 100 degrees. The total for August was 27 and that record is officially broken. Lucky us!

We do want to share some very exciting news: Aiden is (finally) completely off the morphine (as of 2 wks ago), and (drum roll, please!) so far has gone multiple days without throwing up!!! Yes, you did read that right-I am almost afraid to say it out loud! We are cautiously optimistic, as he has never gone this length of time without vomiting. It does appear that the gabapentin/neurontin and current combination of medications is working well for him right now.

Because he has not been throwing up and has decreased oral sensitivity & aversion, he has also made significant progress in feeding therapy and has been taking up to 8 oz. of baby food purees/day, while also learning to handle textures, chewing patterns, etc. His feeding therapists are completely amazed at the advancement he has made in such a short period of time. Additionally, despite constant ear & sinus infections since May, we were able to wean Aiden off of continuous O2 in June and since the vomiting has stopped, he has only been requiring occasional intermittent O2 support due to wheezing/desaturation exacerbated by the sinus infections and congestion.

In the pics below, you can see how much he enjoys crunching his Cheetos. Although he does not swallow them, he loves the taste and doing his crunches!

The video is of the boys jumping around at the play area at the mall. They love this place! Additionally, we took the boys to the Circus and they had a blast (although were a little scared at first).


2011_08_052.jpgIntrigued by the Circus!

2011_08_076.jpgDon’t try this at home.

2011_08_102.jpg“Little Fire Cracker” indeed

2011_08_119.jpgWhat an ending!

2011_08_124.jpgTime to crunch on Cheetos

2011_08_131.jpg“Yummy in my tummy”

2011_08_135.jpgSitting down with Meme