Home, Sweet Home

Early last week, Aiden went to the OR for a triple scope (upper airway bronchoscopy, endoscopy & colonoscopy) to (1) verify no scar tissue from laryngeal cleft surgery; and (2) attempt to identify the source/cause of the continued GI bleeding. Unfortunately, there were no findings from the procedure, but Aiden was under anesthesia for 4+ hours and had some difficulty recovering.

Finally, on May 14, 2011, Aiden seemed to have improved and he & Hannah were thrilled to return to Dallas. He is continuing to experience some bleeding in his GI tract, abdominal pain & his liver numbers are still high and trending upward, but the doctors in Boston are not sure what else they can do at this point but monitor and see what happens.

The timing of things is amazingly similar to last year (the return date was May 14th as well). Hopefully, Aiden will improve and have a good Summer and Fall. He is still on the narcotics, which always minimizes the vomiting and therefore helps with O2 requirements and other issues, so we are hoping that some of the new pain medications will provide the same level of improvement as we wean the opiods. We still have several new medications and other similar changes to his daily regime that we are working on with the doctors at CHB, but we are very happy to be able to do this from home!

Ethan & Evan were estatic to see Aiden and Mommy (although perhaps just as excited to see the airplanes?!?) and still think we are going to disappear every time they close their eyes! Below are a few recent pics–it’s amazing how much the boys have grown in the last couple of months!

2011_05_002.jpgThe boys with Mimi

2011_05_005.jpgHe’s back!!!

2011_05_012.jpgSO happy to be home

2011_05_013.jpgEvan awaits…something



2011_05_025.jpgThere they go

2011_05_026.jpgEthan, so serious?

2011_05_030.jpgRunning around

2011_05_033.jpg“Bwadaaz (brothers), wait for me!!”

2011_05_043.jpgGrass fight


2011_05_054.jpgTaking a walk

2011_05_055.jpgEvan makes sure they are in line

2011_05_057.jpgTheres a smile from Ethie