Christmas Spirit

…and they got plenty of it! Whether it is wrestling, dancing, laughing, tearing, eating, running or singing.

The boys got enough gifts for 3 sets of triplets! In addition to our gifts, they got more from Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents. Hopefully, this doesn’t set any future expectations. 🙂 Hannah’s family visited in late November, Manish’s parents in mid-December, Amisha just before Christmas and Sachin (“Oak”) during Christmas. Everyone was here at some point but at different times.

The boys loved all their visitors. More people to play with and, in Evan’s case, boss around. Ethan loved having his Grandparents over and Evan told Uncle Sachin “you are my best friend.” Aiden loved having people over (as far as he is concerned, the more the merrier).

Additionally, the twins have really started taking to football. Manish tried explaining some of the players during a Philadelphia Eagles game. He told the about the quarterback, running back, etc. A week later, it was the Pittsburgh Steelers against the New York Jets. As they were watching, here is how the conversation went:

Ethan: Where is Michael Vick?
Manish: You remember Michael Vick from last week? Wow. He plays for the Eagles. That was a different game.
Ethan: I want to see Michael Vick.
Manish: That is another game.
Ethan: Is Michael Vick a good guy or a bad guy?
Manish: Well, he is working on trying to become a good guy.
Ethan: So there are two Michael Vicks?
Manish: Sort of…well, not really.
Evan: Who is that? [As he watches the television.]
Manish: That is Ben Roethlisberger.
Evan: Like a Hamburger?
Manish: No. That is Roethlisberger.
Evan: Can I eat him?
Manish: Not a hamburger, he is Roethlisberger.
Evan: What does he taste like?

Out of the mouth of babes come some of the funniest things!

The images below include the boys wrestling, decorating cookies and opening gifts. The wrestling is a lot of fun to watch although it typically ends with at least one person crying. Also, you can see from the video below that the boys (especially Aiden) love to dance. Amisha also seems to like it 🙂



2010_12_118.jpgThey love wrestling


2010_12_124.jpgWatch out!

2010_12_136.jpgLocking up.

2010_12_137.jpgPapa and Grandma wash dishes while these two fight

2010_12_141.jpgEvan wants some more

2010_12_146.jpgHere comes the little one

2010_12_153.jpgAre you running from your brothers or to them?

2010_12_157.jpgAlmost got him

2010_12_160.jpgEthan smiles for the camera

2010_12_162.jpgAiden too


2010_12_173.jpgDon’t pile on him!

2010_12_174.jpgRunning around

2010_12_182.jpgEvan decorates cookies with Amisha’s help

2010_12_190.jpgHere come the sprinkles


2010_12_199.jpgAiden does some as well

2010_12_207.jpgEthan’s turn


2010_12_219.jpgAmisha reads to Aiden

2010_12_225.jpgThe kids are ready to open their gifts

2010_12_226.jpgSome are more ready than others

2010_12_236.jpgThe “Waste Management” garbage trucks were popular for a few minutes

2010_12_249.jpgEvan wants the Mater video to be played

2010_12_253.jpgAiden rips into his gift

2010_12_281.jpgThe “Mac” trucks replaced everything else

2010_12_287.jpgLoving it!

2010_12_303.jpgEthan devours a cookie


2010_12_318.jpgAiden and his toys.

2010_12_322.jpgHair everywhere!

2010_12_324.jpgNo boys, it is NOT a puppy!


2010_12_328.jpgLet’s open it up.

2010_12_333.jpgThey love their car garage. (Putting this thing together was not fun.)

2010_12_338.jpgMore gifts?

2010_12_346.jpgOak helps Ethan

2010_12_356.jpgAiden arranged his new toys very nicely…

2010_12_358.jpg…while the twins watched some football.