No strings attached…

…at least not that we can see. There have been a lot of very positive changes in the last few weeks! We have been very busy and haven’t had a chance to do any blog updates so this one will be fully loaded with lots of pictures, updates and video.

Where to begin? If you look at the pictures below, you will notice that Aiden has a new look. I’m not referring to his pixie-like haircut gone wrong but rather, the missing hardware on his face. That is, no oxygen tube! He ripped it off a couple of weeks ago and has been able to go without it. Of course, when he runs around too much or gets too worked up, we need to put it back on it for a little while but then he is good to go.

Additionally, he has been eating baby food and yogurt a couple times each day and holding it down. His vomiting has reduced and he really is doing great! Of course, it has only been a couple of weeks and with winter coming up, there is always the concern of illness, etc. But so far, the only thing he really needs right now is a haircut. He got one about a month ago but it grew back very quickly. We tried trimming the bangs but it probably made things worse!

Ethan and Evan are doing very well and are enjoying Spiderman and Superman cartoons. Of course, McQueen is still on their hearts but there are definitely some new favorites. One of their new activities is wrestling. Manish didn’t even show them. One day they just started doing it (the nature of boys). In fact, in the video below, the triplets wrestle one another but Aiden is ganged up on. It looks worse than it is but Aiden is going to need to step up if we wants to play with the big boys!




Ready to run around

Off they go!

The twins went on the swing

But Aiden wanted to crawl up the slide

It’s hard work

Look at that hair!

Still swinging

Free to roam


If Aiden was a bowling ball…

he just bowled a strike.

Ethan, you behind bars?

Aiden, why so frustrated?

Evan loves the static from going down the slide as it makes his hair rise

Aiden too

What are they staring at?

Of course, the garbage truck.

Hi Ethey!

What are you two doing?

Picking flowers apparently

This looks like trouble

Evan can climb quite fast

Sorry boys, “no animals”

Relax, I was just joking

Time to run again

They took a break to gather and throw acorns

At the parade

So many things to see

Their favorite

Imagine trying to change that face

Starship troopers

…and Darth Vader…in Dallas?

Spiderman too

Don’t let him steal your gifts

And Santa Claus

These look more like Halloween than Christmas

Mr. GQ


Looks like a little businessman