Three turned three

It has been a long time coming, but the boys are finally three years old! Three 3-year olds who think they are ready to drive, go to work and shop at Walmart (or Home Depot)! They had a fun (and quiet) birthday at home and got a special McQueen puzzle, some Thomas trains and delicious ice cream cake. This will probably be the last year where we can give them all one cake as they will probably be requesting individual cakes (and a party!) next year.

The weather was finally cool enough to go outdoors for a bit, so we took the boys to play basketball at the playground. It has been a long time since we did this and the boys loved it! Unfortunately, all three had sinus infections and were wheezing withing a short time, but they loved the time that we were able to spend outside.

This past Friday, Aiden started a new feeding program in Dallas which will run every Friday for 10 wks. We are praying that this will be more effective in helping him learn to eat by mouth, and that he will soon be able to do so! He has also started working with a new feeding therapist, and we are hopeful that this will help him make some progress in that direction.


Before cake and gifts, they want to play basketball (especially Evan)

There they go

Ready to shoot


Ethan, don’t hold it…shoot it!

He tries to give it to me

Evan loves his basketball!

Ethan is ready to go to the playground

There is #3

Time to swing

No oxygen cord…naughty boy!


Happy Evan

Serious Evan

Silly Evan

“A challenge”–he tried hard to follow his brothers!

I figured he would end up behind bars one day!

The ‘escape’

Take turns


Back at it

True Aiden (no oxygen tube)

Love this one!

Going after ants

An ant’s perspective

Ready to take a nap

Three turned three

Time to open gifts

A weak attempt at hugging Uncle Tim and Kaelyn

Aiden wants more gifts

He loves his balloon

Don’t let go

Whoops…now its gone

Meme tries to keep the balloons attached

Uncle Curtis helps Ethan hang on to his balloon

The McQueen puzzle

Should have gotten a bigger cake

Time to blow out the candles

Don’t touch the fire!

Cake is yummy

More, please!