Splash and Crash

Aiden’s newest thing is making his toys crash into each other and yelling at them the entire time (see the video below). It is a lot of fun to watch and should be good blackmail material when he gets holder. Hopefully, he won’t be crashing real cars 🙂 In the video below, he also goes mowing with Curtis and really enjoyed himself.

Another of Aiden’s idiosyncrasies as of late is holding a pretzel and corn chip in his hands. He walks around with them and occasionally licks the salt off. Sometime, he even puts them in his mouth but it comes out a few seconds later. Additionally, he loves sitting Indian style and sometimes even falls asleep that way as you can see in the first image below.

The twins are getting smarter, strong and more cunning — which means more challenges for us! Fortunately, they are getting a little better at listening as well which helps quite a bit. Below are some images of the boys splashing around in the pool and posing in their McQueen underwear.

Hard to believe in less than a week they will be three years old!



Aiden asleep in the car (always sitting Indian style)

Don’t touch anything in the office!

Here comes Evan

In his swimming attire

Ethan too

Walking in his father’s shoes (only Manish does not share the same clothing style 🙂 )

We decided to keep diapers on Aiden while he was in the pool

Time to swim, splash and laugh

They love when daddy jumps in and does a super splash

Classic reaction from the Trips


A couple weeks ago, Hannah celebrated her birthday. The only thing was, she didn’t know about the secret celebration. Manish (and some very helpful friends) threw a little surprise birthday party for her. When she came home, she was very surprised! The boys enjoyed surprising her as well and sampled some of the goodies (of course)!

Below is a video of the surprise as well as some images. Additionally, in the second part of the video, the boys chase each other around as they play “Mr. Socko.” Evan puts his hand in a sock and brings “Mr. Socko” to life whose goal is to tickle little boys. Manish is usually the puppet master but Evan decided he would control Mr. Socko this time. 





Nicely decorated

Instead of cake…cupcakes

…and some yummies.