Christmas Spirit

…and they got plenty of it! Whether it is wrestling, dancing, laughing, tearing, eating, running or singing.

The boys got enough gifts for 3 sets of triplets! In addition to our gifts, they got more from Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents. Hopefully, this doesn’t set any future expectations. 🙂 Hannah’s family visited in late November, Manish’s parents in mid-December, Amisha just before Christmas and Sachin (“Oak”) during Christmas. Everyone was here at some point but at different times.

The boys loved all their visitors. More people to play with and, in Evan’s case, boss around. Ethan loved having his Grandparents over and Evan told Uncle Sachin “you are my best friend.” Aiden loved having people over (as far as he is concerned, the more the merrier).

Additionally, the twins have really started taking to football. Manish tried explaining some of the players during a Philadelphia Eagles game. He told the about the quarterback, running back, etc. A week later, it was the Pittsburgh Steelers against the New York Jets. As they were watching, here is how the conversation went:

Ethan: Where is Michael Vick?
Manish: You remember Michael Vick from last week? Wow. He plays for the Eagles. That was a different game.
Ethan: I want to see Michael Vick.
Manish: That is another game.
Ethan: Is Michael Vick a good guy or a bad guy?
Manish: Well, he is working on trying to become a good guy.
Ethan: So there are two Michael Vicks?
Manish: Sort of…well, not really.
Evan: Who is that? [As he watches the television.]
Manish: That is Ben Roethlisberger.
Evan: Like a Hamburger?
Manish: No. That is Roethlisberger.
Evan: Can I eat him?
Manish: Not a hamburger, he is Roethlisberger.
Evan: What does he taste like?

Out of the mouth of babes come some of the funniest things!

The images below include the boys wrestling, decorating cookies and opening gifts. The wrestling is a lot of fun to watch although it typically ends with at least one person crying. Also, you can see from the video below that the boys (especially Aiden) love to dance. Amisha also seems to like it 🙂



2010_12_118.jpgThey love wrestling


2010_12_124.jpgWatch out!

2010_12_136.jpgLocking up.

2010_12_137.jpgPapa and Grandma wash dishes while these two fight

2010_12_141.jpgEvan wants some more

2010_12_146.jpgHere comes the little one

2010_12_153.jpgAre you running from your brothers or to them?

2010_12_157.jpgAlmost got him

2010_12_160.jpgEthan smiles for the camera

2010_12_162.jpgAiden too


2010_12_173.jpgDon’t pile on him!

2010_12_174.jpgRunning around

2010_12_182.jpgEvan decorates cookies with Amisha’s help

2010_12_190.jpgHere come the sprinkles


2010_12_199.jpgAiden does some as well

2010_12_207.jpgEthan’s turn


2010_12_219.jpgAmisha reads to Aiden

2010_12_225.jpgThe kids are ready to open their gifts

2010_12_226.jpgSome are more ready than others

2010_12_236.jpgThe “Waste Management” garbage trucks were popular for a few minutes

2010_12_249.jpgEvan wants the Mater video to be played

2010_12_253.jpgAiden rips into his gift

2010_12_281.jpgThe “Mac” trucks replaced everything else

2010_12_287.jpgLoving it!

2010_12_303.jpgEthan devours a cookie


2010_12_318.jpgAiden and his toys.

2010_12_322.jpgHair everywhere!

2010_12_324.jpgNo boys, it is NOT a puppy!


2010_12_328.jpgLet’s open it up.

2010_12_333.jpgThey love their car garage. (Putting this thing together was not fun.)

2010_12_338.jpgMore gifts?

2010_12_346.jpgOak helps Ethan

2010_12_356.jpgAiden arranged his new toys very nicely…

2010_12_358.jpg…while the twins watched some football.

No strings attached…

…at least not that we can see. There have been a lot of very positive changes in the last few weeks! We have been very busy and haven’t had a chance to do any blog updates so this one will be fully loaded with lots of pictures, updates and video.

Where to begin? If you look at the pictures below, you will notice that Aiden has a new look. I’m not referring to his pixie-like haircut gone wrong but rather, the missing hardware on his face. That is, no oxygen tube! He ripped it off a couple of weeks ago and has been able to go without it. Of course, when he runs around too much or gets too worked up, we need to put it back on it for a little while but then he is good to go.

Additionally, he has been eating baby food and yogurt a couple times each day and holding it down. His vomiting has reduced and he really is doing great! Of course, it has only been a couple of weeks and with winter coming up, there is always the concern of illness, etc. But so far, the only thing he really needs right now is a haircut. He got one about a month ago but it grew back very quickly. We tried trimming the bangs but it probably made things worse!

Ethan and Evan are doing very well and are enjoying Spiderman and Superman cartoons. Of course, McQueen is still on their hearts but there are definitely some new favorites. One of their new activities is wrestling. Manish didn’t even show them. One day they just started doing it (the nature of boys). In fact, in the video below, the triplets wrestle one another but Aiden is ganged up on. It looks worse than it is but Aiden is going to need to step up if we wants to play with the big boys!




Ready to run around

Off they go!

The twins went on the swing

But Aiden wanted to crawl up the slide

It’s hard work

Look at that hair!

Still swinging

Free to roam


If Aiden was a bowling ball…

he just bowled a strike.

Ethan, you behind bars?

Aiden, why so frustrated?

Evan loves the static from going down the slide as it makes his hair rise

Aiden too

What are they staring at?

Of course, the garbage truck.

Hi Ethey!

What are you two doing?

Picking flowers apparently

This looks like trouble

Evan can climb quite fast

Sorry boys, “no animals”

Relax, I was just joking

Time to run again

They took a break to gather and throw acorns

At the parade

So many things to see

Their favorite

Imagine trying to change that face

Starship troopers

…and Darth Vader…in Dallas?

Spiderman too

Don’t let him steal your gifts

And Santa Claus

These look more like Halloween than Christmas

Mr. GQ


Looks like a little businessman

Pumpkins everywhere…

It has been a while since our last update and not much has changed. The E&E are doing great and Aiden is doing very well (although he does have a couple of bad days). With summer heat out of the way, the boys have been spending much more time outdoors. As you can imagine, it is nice getting them out of the house!

Below are some images from the Dallas Arboretum and a few indoor pictures. Lately, Aiden has really taken to sports and loves playing with his baseball and bat.

Pumpkins everywhere!

Time to run

First attempt at group a pic

Trying to look pretty

Ethey is so cute!

Tim, Aleta and Kaelyn…easy to take pictures of

Us…not so easy!

Almost got a good one!





He picked up stick and started to chew on it.

Then got mud on his face!

A caterpillar crawls up Aiden’s arm

He loves this!

Time to get messy


Cheap shot

4 pumpkins on 4 pumpkins

Lion King is the new favorite (McQueen has been temporarily replaced)

Aiden loves playing baseball

Fall is here

Texas summers are brutal but the Fall is wonderful! Although there are still hot days, the evenings are much cooler and our air conditioning isn’t running all night!

Not too much to update other than everyone is doing well. Aiden is doing good overall altough he does have some ‘bad’ days where he vomits frequently. We look forward to getting out of the house a little more now that the weather is bearable. In fact, later today we are going to the Dallas Arboretum to let the kids run around and tire themselves out. Should be fun!

Below are some images from “Local Hero’s Day” at a local Chick-Fil-A restaurant. The boys got to see a police dog, firemen and jumped around in a ‘Bounce House.’

I should have turned the Flash off

They got to see a Police Dog

Aiden, you are supposed to throw it, not eat it.

Jumping in the Bounce House

Fun! Unfortunately, Aiden could not go in 🙁

But he found other things to do

Time to eat

Evan dropped his ice cream on the floor

So, Ethan fed him

Well decorated for a fast food restaurant

Time to go home

Three turned three

It has been a long time coming, but the boys are finally three years old! Three 3-year olds who think they are ready to drive, go to work and shop at Walmart (or Home Depot)! They had a fun (and quiet) birthday at home and got a special McQueen puzzle, some Thomas trains and delicious ice cream cake. This will probably be the last year where we can give them all one cake as they will probably be requesting individual cakes (and a party!) next year.

The weather was finally cool enough to go outdoors for a bit, so we took the boys to play basketball at the playground. It has been a long time since we did this and the boys loved it! Unfortunately, all three had sinus infections and were wheezing withing a short time, but they loved the time that we were able to spend outside.

This past Friday, Aiden started a new feeding program in Dallas which will run every Friday for 10 wks. We are praying that this will be more effective in helping him learn to eat by mouth, and that he will soon be able to do so! He has also started working with a new feeding therapist, and we are hopeful that this will help him make some progress in that direction.


Before cake and gifts, they want to play basketball (especially Evan)

There they go

Ready to shoot


Ethan, don’t hold it…shoot it!

He tries to give it to me

Evan loves his basketball!

Ethan is ready to go to the playground

There is #3

Time to swing

No oxygen cord…naughty boy!


Happy Evan

Serious Evan

Silly Evan

“A challenge”–he tried hard to follow his brothers!

I figured he would end up behind bars one day!

The ‘escape’

Take turns


Back at it

True Aiden (no oxygen tube)

Love this one!

Going after ants

An ant’s perspective

Ready to take a nap

Three turned three

Time to open gifts

A weak attempt at hugging Uncle Tim and Kaelyn

Aiden wants more gifts

He loves his balloon

Don’t let go

Whoops…now its gone

Meme tries to keep the balloons attached

Uncle Curtis helps Ethan hang on to his balloon

The McQueen puzzle

Should have gotten a bigger cake

Time to blow out the candles

Don’t touch the fire!

Cake is yummy

More, please!