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  1. Gerardo Labrador says:

    What beautiful photos. Felicidades on your marriage!

  2. Celina Gomez says:

    Looks like a fun wedding! I love the first dance pic.

  3. Diana Aurora Tadlock says:

    I saw all your pictures…they are absolutely the most beautiful ever. I know your mom and your grandma…..I and my mom used to visit your grandma in Mexico D.F. and also your grandpa when he lived…everyone was still young…I miss them very much…I live in Texas and used to live in Oklahoma….I have your mom on my Facebook page…look me up…I’d love to have you on my page.
    Just wanted to tell you that your pictures are beautiful….It was very nice to meet you..even though we haven’t personally been introduced…but maybe one day we will…

    Diana Tadlock

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