Prayer for Aiden Tomorrow

We apologize for the somewhat infrequent updates lately, but the hospital stays and back and forth has simply consumed all our time.

This has been such a long journey that it is easy to become discouraged along the way, but God has been so good to us. I’m sure many of you have heard the saying that ‘God never closes a door without opening a window.’ There have been numerous times throughout this lengthy and eventful journey when it seems like we simply do not have any recourse left and each and every time, we have consistently seen God work miracles and answer prayers.

This weekend and past week have been trying. Last Friday (04/18), when Aiden was first re-admitted to the hospital, he was seen by the Chief of the GI Dept., who was very thorough and truly cared about identifying and treating whatever is causing Aiden to vomit. He said that there were numerous possible causes, and outlined an initial plan to rule out some of the most likely possibilities.

Aiden will be 8 months old next week and has been home for less than 3 weeks in his entire life. With no results from an upper GI and bowel study, tomorrow he will have an endoscopy and neuro-MRI. We hope that this will show what the problem is and that it can be corrected. However, these procedures require intubating him, which has many potential risks (last time this was done one of his lungs was punctured in the process, and each time he is on the vetilator, it further weakens his lungs and has been more and more difficult to get him off).

Please pray that the intubation and subsequent procedures would go smoothly, that he would be able to get off the vent within a day, and that these procedures would help diagnose and treat the source of his vomiting.

Thank you again for your continued prayers for Aiden.


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