On the go…

The boys are growing by leaps and bounds (literally!), surging in their size, speed, development and wiliness! The twins have learned how to use door knobs and are opening doors whenever they get a chance (they have even tried the front and back doors, thinking they could escape ;-) , and getting into all kinds of trouble. When they are chasing each other (or are in trouble or trying to get away with something!) they do a semi-sprint in the opposite direction. They have started getting a little “violent” with each other, so we are working with them on being kind and gentle (there’s a strong feeling that that one might take a while *sigh*)!

It appears that the medication (Cisapride) is not working for Aiden, but we are reserving judgement as we had to take him off of it for about a week and have not yet restarted it. Fortunately, he has finally had a few good days during which he has vomited less frequently, so it did give him a little break. More than anything, we know that Aiden’s health is in God’s hands and we must trust that He can heal Aiden in His time. Following up on a previous prayer request, we are very encouraged that Aiden has started receiving some minimal “feeding” therapy to help with his oral aversion, so that he will be more accepting of things in his mouth. Unfortunately, they will not able to get him into the intensive daily feeding program until Spring ’09, but at least starting this week, he will have brief feeding therapy appointments in Dallas twice a week. Naturally, this presents some logistical challenges with the other two, but we are so very glad that Aiden is finally getting some help and trust that one way or another, the Lord will work everything out.

On another note, our home has been completely taken over by the boys and they are systematically destroying it, one room at a time. The family room will most likely need new carpeting soon due to dirt, vomit, saliva, food, formula and various other things which we will not discuss because they bring back troublesome memories.

It’s very difficult to believe that more than 13 months has gone by since the boys were born — how that time has flown. In a recent visit to our pediatrician, she was amazed at how advanced Ethan and Evan are for their age — even compared to many full-term babies, and how well they continue to do. What a blessing and answer to all of the many prayers that have gone up on their behalf! Thank YOU again for your faithful prayers on their behalf. Please pray that all three will remain healthy as we enter the RSV and cold/flu season.

Enjoy the video below which has several clips of the boys having a good time.



Evan’s little teeth

Ethan, you look puzzled

Aiden is a happy boy!

His newest thing is playing with his tongue

Evan joins me in their little play tent

They throw all their favorite toys over the cage wall

I asked Ethan to smile for a picture and this was his response

Ethan, nice footwear

I was leaving and they wanted to go with me

Aiden just keeps smiling

Ethan loves dinner time

Here Aiden, have a bite

See, it wasn’t so bad…now he wants more!

Ethan (and Evan) will mimic Aiden with their fake cough


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    1. Your house is really busy and amazingly tidy!! I loved watching them eat!!! My friends think I’m crazy for allowing my children to feed themself…they say it’s too much mess!!

      I will continue to pray that Aiden will heal completely and that Ethan and Evan will continue to do so well!

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