A Step Forward…

This past Sunday, Aiden was successfully extubated. His breathing support is currently a high-flow nasal canula (which is short prongs through the nose). He is currently at a 2-liter flow and the goal is to wean him down to what he was when he came to the hospital; which would be 1/16th. He has gained weight and is currently a little over 9 lbs. Additionally, he is alert, comfortable and looks much better than he has in a long time.

They moved him out of ICU yesterday evening into the General Ward. Unfortunately, the level of care and service is quite poor as the facilities are older and the quality of care is much less when compared to the ICU. The General Ward is what we refer to as “Hades, with fluorescent lighting.” Hannah and I are doing 12 hour shifts at the hospital to make sure he gets the care he needs. Unlike the ICU, we have little to no confidence that he would be cared for properly so one of us has to be there all the time. The other concern is that he has forgotten how to eat. In fact, he does not even suck on his pacifier like he used to. This will lengthen and complicate his stay as it will take some time for him learn how to suck, swallow and eat.

We are so glad that he is doing well enough to where he does not need to be in critical care but being at the hospital 24/7 is very difficult. Please pray that his oxygen needs can be weaned quickly and that he would start eating. Thanks for all your support and prayers during this difficult time.


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