Trick or Treat?

We wanted to dress the boys up and take them to the “Pumpkin Patch” to take some cute pictures…but instead, we ended up loading everyone in the car and going to vote.  In order to vote, we had to drive over 20+ miles each way because although we live in Flower Mound, we are still registered to vote under our old Dallas address.  The entire process took quite a while!

Aiden continues to have some rough days.  After discussing it with his medical team, we are giving the Cisapride another try, and have just re-started that medication with some changes in his other regimes to see if it will make any difference at all.  He woke up this morning with a runny nose, which we are praying is just allergies and not anything more serious.  Unfortunately, even something as simple as a runny nose makes Aiden’s life so difficult.  Between the constant vomiting and milk pouring out his nose and having to be suctioned to clear his airway, the addition of a continually running nose has caused his little nose to be completely raw.  Then, because it is continually running, it also blocks his nasal cannula as well, and the drainage down the back of his throat makes his gag more and he has woken up coughing and gagging every time he tries to sleep.  Poor baby.

Ethan and Evan are still growing like little weeds, changing every day.  The other day, as we were watching The O’Reilly Show (a cable news show on Fox) we heard the title to O’Reilly’s new book (“A Bold, Fresh Piece of Humanity”).  Upon hearing this, Manish and I simultaneously looked at each other and said “Ethan!”  This title perfectly describes Ethan’s little personality–we couldn’t possibly have put it better.  He truly is a bold, fresh little piece of humanity!

Enjoy the movie clip below and some pictures of the boys. The twins play king of the hill (actually, king of the box of clothes) and Evan entertains us with his latest as he washes up after dinner (even Ethan and Aiden find it very amusing!).



Evan decided that Ethan’s milk tastes better than his

The bold fresh piece of humanity himself

Evan, is the milk really sweeter from another bottle?

Manish loves these little pj’s…he has decided to get one for himself

Uh oh, a battle over the phone

Ethan?! You fresh piece of humanity! Do not touch that door handle!

Aiden, love the tie!

I said, I love the tie!

It’s fake? So much for dressing for success

This spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E…lots and lots of trouble

Aiden voted today! In addition to registering dead people and fictitious characters, they also registered 1 year olds and Aiden got to vote — he is actually quite conservative (see the elephant)!

On the go…

The boys are growing by leaps and bounds (literally!), surging in their size, speed, development and wiliness! The twins have learned how to use door knobs and are opening doors whenever they get a chance (they have even tried the front and back doors, thinking they could escape ;-), and getting into all kinds of trouble. When they are chasing each other (or are in trouble or trying to get away with something!) they do a semi-sprint in the opposite direction. They have started getting a little “violent” with each other, so we are working with them on being kind and gentle (there’s a strong feeling that that one might take a while *sigh*)!

It appears that the medication (Cisapride) is not working for Aiden, but we are reserving judgement as we had to take him off of it for about a week and have not yet restarted it. Fortunately, he has finally had a few good days during which he has vomited less frequently, so it did give him a little break. More than anything, we know that Aiden’s health is in God’s hands and we must trust that He can heal Aiden in His time. Following up on a previous prayer request, we are very encouraged that Aiden has started receiving some minimal “feeding” therapy to help with his oral aversion, so that he will be more accepting of things in his mouth. Unfortunately, they will not able to get him into the intensive daily feeding program until Spring ’09, but at least starting this week, he will have brief feeding therapy appointments in Dallas twice a week. Naturally, this presents some logistical challenges with the other two, but we are so very glad that Aiden is finally getting some help and trust that one way or another, the Lord will work everything out.

On another note, our home has been completely taken over by the boys and they are systematically destroying it, one room at a time. The family room will most likely need new carpeting soon due to dirt, vomit, saliva, food, formula and various other things which we will not discuss because they bring back troublesome memories.

It’s very difficult to believe that more than 13 months has gone by since the boys were born — how that time has flown. In a recent visit to our pediatrician, she was amazed at how advanced Ethan and Evan are for their age — even compared to many full-term babies, and how well they continue to do. What a blessing and answer to all of the many prayers that have gone up on their behalf! Thank YOU again for your faithful prayers on their behalf. Please pray that all three will remain healthy as we enter the RSV and cold/flu season.

Enjoy the video below which has several clips of the boys having a good time.



Evan’s little teeth

Ethan, you look puzzled

Aiden is a happy boy!

His newest thing is playing with his tongue

Evan joins me in their little play tent

They throw all their favorite toys over the cage wall

I asked Ethan to smile for a picture and this was his response

Ethan, nice footwear

I was leaving and they wanted to go with me

Aiden just keeps smiling

Ethan loves dinner time

Here Aiden, have a bite

See, it wasn’t so bad…now he wants more!

Ethan (and Evan) will mimic Aiden with their fake cough

Elizabeth & Justin’s Wedding

This past weekend, we shot Elizabeth and Justin’s wedding at Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas, TX and the reception which followed was at the Northwood Country Club. Both the bride and groom looked fantastic and Coordinators Kay Watson and Knoxie Edmonson did a superb job. Here are just a few highlights from the wedding day…

Everyone came dressed in their very best!

The flowers were beautiful…

As was the bride and the church

The ladies had a fun time

…and so did the gentlemen…

A moment of prayer just before the ceremony

Elizabeth and dad

Justin’s eyes are fixed on his bride

The church was beautiful

An emotional moment right after the ceremony

So expressive

The cake was exquisite

The first dance

One of my favorites

Time to cut the cake

Justin loved it!

He just had to have more

The band was fantastic

Another one of my favorites…

In case you can’t tell, the guests had a great time

Guess who caught it?

The ladies of Alpha Chi Omega serenade Justin

Pure romance

A spectacular ending!

Enjoy your honeymoon in Maui!

L & N’s Wedding

Their ceremony and reception both took place at Arlington Hall at Lee Park in Dallas, TX. It was a perfect day for an outdoor wedding and the reception that followed was great! Some images from the wedding day are posted below.

Early October 08

Aiden is back…again! Hannah and Aiden were gone for a week and returned from Children’s Hospital in Boston on Wednesday afternoon. While in Boston, Aiden started receiving the Cisapride. It will take approximately two weeks before we know whether it is working. Overall, the trip was much longer than it needed to be, but at least we got the tests done. It will definitely be worth it if the medication works. Thankfully, Hannah’s mom was able to come and help with Ethan and Evan while they were gone. She has been such a blessing!

Ethan and Evan have grown so much and now look like little toddlers, as you will see from the pictures below! Evan looks like a 2-year old and has a new hobby: climbing the stairs. Ethan is a little monkey! He has learned how to open doors and tries to climb over the safety gates, up the table legs, out of the high chair…. They both enjoy throwing toys (and anything else they can get their hands on) over the gates onto the tile floors. Manish decided that their hair on the front of their head was too long and gave them their first hair cut this week. Those thin, little bangs just had to be chopped! Hannah says it looks like they have been attacked by a weed wacker. 🙂

In the video below, you see Evan with his new bouncy ball which he loves so much. Also, watch the twins “chase the light.” They end up with a little collision.



Ethan tries to escape from “jail”

The battle for a pacifier…Evan wins this round

Evan is learning to brush his teeth

As is Ethan

Brushing is so much fun!

Evan LOVES to play with balls

Ethan is grandma’s boy

Evan, how old are you?!

Aiden is back!

So happy to see daddy!

Mommy’s Secret Agent 1

Mommy’s Secret Agent 2

No place like home!

The Incredible Hulk…I mean, Incredible Evan

Evan has found a new form of exercise

Why eat just one piece, when you can have the whole thing?

Aiden is so laid back

Ethan, finish your breakfast!

Aiden, you want some?