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Choosing a photographer - Veritaz Photography, Dallas, TX


Choosing a Photographer – Why Veritaz Photography?

When planning your big day, you have so many vendors to choose: photographer, videographer, florist, reception site, wedding attire, etc. I want to share a little bit on what differentiates me from other photographers.

Perspective: I have a unique perspective given my diverse background including: photography, business management, and software engineering. Those with a photography-only background and are often times stuck in a certain mind set. Knowing the rules is one thing but what makes outstanding photography is sometimes breaking those rules. Technical accuracy is important, but most important of all is making certain that the bride and groom are satisfied with the final results.

While I appreciate photography as an art form, my approach is to get to know and understand the couple (client) and what it is that you want. I want you to feel comfortable with me; like working with an old friend and try to keep things fun and relaxed. It is your big day, and it is all about you and the images must convey your individual personality, express the intimacy and emotion of the moment, and tell your unique and timeless story. Thus, I approach each event from a photographic and business perspective: excellent photography based on a clear understanding of what makes the client happy.

Customize: This is your day. Period. (Actually, it is really the bride’s day and the groom learns to just nod his head and say, “Yes, dear.”…but that is another story.) To date, I have never sold a package that was not customized. Whether you want more time, less prints, or whatever the desire, you can create your own package just how you like it. I know that one size does not fit all and work with you to give exactly what you want and not what you don’t want.

Final Product: I have a simple philosophy: whatever I shoot, you get to keep. Many photographers promise the digital negatives but in reality, only deliver the ones they edited and you never actually see the hundreds of other pictures taken. I deliver all the images (edited and unedited) and they are yours to look through, edit, and keep.

Quality: I use professional digital equipment and shoot in only the highest quality: RAW format. This ensures the best resolution, clarity, and color accuracy. Additionally, the right equipment, backups, maintenance, etc. are very important. Taking precautions and other measures to guard the images and ensure that nothing happens to them is very important to me.

Albums: I offer several different options to choose from including traditional albums with a flush-mount style to coffee style wedding books. You select which images you want in your album, and I create it. You can then preview it online and together we can tweak it before it is sent off for final printing. This way you know exactly what you are getting and don’t have to worry about how the album will look. Additionally, I understand that parents and/or grandparents often want an album and I offer several options. Parent albums with the same layout as the primary, receive significant discounts.

Online: After your wedding, you will have a personalized website which will have your images available online for your guests to view and/or purchase. This way, not only can they view your images on their time but don’t ask you to order a certain image as they have the opportunity to purchase it themselves via the Internet.

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