Season Ends (but play continues)

Congrats to the Seattle Seahawks on a great victory! We liked both Superbowl teams and would have taken either team as a winner. The boys had a great time watching and even though football season is over, they continue to play. A few images from this month below.


2014_02_fam_01.jpgEthan is confused by the play and Evan is too; Evan, that is one way to make a catch

2014_02_fam_02.jpgSomehow, Ethan came up with it and hung on

2014_02_fam_03.jpgAiden finds a spot to sit by the fence while the other two play ball

2014_02_fam_04.jpgHis hair looks like a helmet…Ethan’s is getting long too

Winter 2014

Hard to believe it is 2014! We have had a few cold days in Dallas and the grass looks dead but everyone is doing well (so far). We have lots of plans for this year including Amisha’s wedding and a trip to Disneyland later this year. Additionally, I am sure we make it to Rochester, NY at some point this year as well.

Praying and hoping for a healthy winter and a great 2014!

Christmas in ’13

Winter is off to a cold start! We had a snow storm that blanketed the Dallas area and brought very cold temperatures. Of course, the boys saw an opportunity to play in the snow and did everything in their power to convince us to let them play outside. It did make for some fun pictures.

To top off the month, Christmas was a great way to end as the boys got several new gifts (some they like, others not as much) and had a great time with Uncle Tim, Aunt Aleta and their cousins Gavin and Kaelyn. Below are some pics from the last few weeks. Merry Christmas to all!


2013_12_fam_01.jpgPlaying in the ice

2013_12_fam_02.jpgEvan and Ethan, so cute!

2013_12_fam_03.jpgAiden, show your face!

2013_12_fam_04.jpgStill loves his green toy

2013_12_fam_05.jpgIce and snow everywhere

2013_12_fam_06.jpgChristmas time!

2013_12_fam_07.jpgEthan’s loves his gift while Aiden tries out the Arctic Cat

2013_12_fam_08.jpgWith their cousins…time to open gifts

2013_12_fam_09.jpgBedlam always ensues

2013_12_fam_14.jpgDecorations everywhere!

2013_12_fam_10.jpgThose three play outdoors while Aiden naps

2013_12_fam_11.jpgBoth moms got great gifts!

2013_12_fam_12.jpgEthan reads so well;

2013_12_fam_13.jpgWhat an eventful day for the boys

New little Turkey

Baby Logan was born a few months ago and is the boy’s first cousin on Manish’s side of the family. The boys had a very eventful November as they spent quite a bit of time outdoors playing football, riding their bikes and visiting their grandparents and Uncle/Aunt in Austin for Thanksgiving.


2013_11_fam_01.jpgBattle with the foamy thing

2013_11_fam_02.jpgbattle over the cars…did Evan win?

2013_11_fam_03.jpgTime to ride bikes

2013_11_fam_04.jpgFall is so beautiful

2013_11_fam_05.jpgEvan loves it!

2013_11_fam_06.jpgPlaying ball at (uncle) Oak’s house in Austin while Aiden rides the scooter


2013_11_fam_08.jpgBaby Logan’s 1st Thanksgiving

2013_11_fam_09.jpgGrandparents and kids


2013_11_fam_11.jpgLogan is the center of attention

2013_11_fam_12.jpgPapa takes the boys out for ice cream