Summer Heat

In Texas, August is the hottest month which means…more swimming! We are so grateful for a pool in this unbearable heat (as well as air conditioning)!

Papa, Grandma and Aunt Amisha came to visit and the boys had a great time! A few from this month…


2013_08_pics_01.jpg Asleep and at rest

2013_08_pics_02.jpg Playing with cars in the house

2013_08_pics_03.jpg Playing football indoors and trying to hide it

2013_08_pics_15.jpg Happy little bear

2013_08_pics_04.jpg More swimming! Ethan loves his muscle shirt

2013_08_pics_05.jpg New books from the library

2013_08_pics_06.jpg Aiden, please don’t jump in the shallow end!

2013_08_pics_07.jpg Body fat: 4%

2013_08_pics_08.jpg Time to race

2013_08_pics_09.jpg Ethan got bit by something

2013_08_pics_10.jpg Aunt Amisha reads while Aiden smiles

2013_08_pics_14.jpg Amisha goes after Grandma, while Grandma goes after Aiden

2013_08_pics_11.jpg Going after Papa and tying him up

2013_08_pics_12.jpg Evan shows his toothies to Amisha while Aiden looks at Papa’s Ipad

2013_08_pics_13.jpg Grandma, Papa and the Trips

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