Stitches and Football

It wasn’t because of football that Ethan needed stitches. Earlier this month, he ran into the door hinge in his bedroom, cut his forehead and ended up with nine stitches! Aiden’s therapist, Ms. Tara, was present when it happened and she was so amazed by Ethan’s courage that she gave him a very nice card with a note about how brave he was. Evan read it a few times and wrote the whole thing out by hand (picture below).

The boys started swimming in the pool even though the weather is not as warm as it usually is this time of year. But, they still love it!

Of course, this month’s highlight was football! They play hard but love the challenge! We are working on teaching them to not be sore losers (this seems to be an issue as they are fiercely competitive). Some pictures below.

2013_04_138.jpg Evan writes out Ms. Tera’s note to Ethan

2013_04_001.jpg Some pictures at the Winnie the Pooh play



2013_04_005.jpg Football!

2013_04_011.jpg Looking for Evan

2013_04_016.jpg Don’t do it!

2013_04_017.jpg Uh oh!

2013_04_024.jpg Evan, there is no crying in football

2013_04_028.jpg Ethan taunts

2013_04_035.jpg Now Aiden is getting involved

2013_04_042.jpg On the run

2013_04_046.jpg Aiden is not interested

2013_04_051.jpg Go Evan!

2013_04_057.jpg Touchdown?

2013_04_058.jpg Run, Aiden!

2013_04_068.jpg Time to catch some bubbles

2013_04_069.jpg Aiden is into this

2013_04_076.jpg Oh yeah


2013_04_091.jpg What is he looking at?

2013_04_099.jpg So happy

2013_04_104.jpg Love shooting things with water

2013_04_109.jpg Hmm…this looks like trouble

2013_04_117.jpg Aiden stays on the other side of the pool

2013_04_118.jpg The little bear looks like he is trying to catch a fish

2013_04_122.jpg What do they see?

2013_04_127.jpg Fishing with a hose?


2013_04_133.jpg Wheels? They were after the wheels.

2013_04_136.jpg There is more to get

2013_04_137.jpg Ethan is happy

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