RSV, IPad and Easter

It had been a while since Aiden was in the hospital but this month he caught RSV (as did Ethan and Evan) and ended up in the hospital for a few days. Fortunately, it was a mild strain and he stabilized quick enough to come home; albeit on oxygen.

The boys recovered just before Papa and Grandma visited. They were happy to see their grandparents but Papa’s IPad was the most fun! Aiden kept asking, “can I have the pad?”

The month ended with some Easter egg hunting in the backyard with their cousins (Gavin and Kaelyn).

2013_03_163.jpg Back in the hospital

2013_03_001.jpg At rest

2013_03_007.jpg Icing his ‘injured’ knee

2013_03_015.jpg It’s all about the “gamey”

2013_03_016.jpg …and football

2013_03_019.jpg Playing with the Ipad

2013_03_026.jpg So happy

2013_03_027.jpg His turn

2013_03_040.jpg Everyone’s turn

2013_03_051.jpg Papa’s turn? Evan wants it back

2013_03_058.jpg At McDonalds and loving it

2013_03_068.jpg Papa and Grandma feed the hungry little boys

2013_03_075.jpg Even in the midst of hunger, they still are looking at the game

2013_03_081.jpg More Ipad?

2013_03_087.jpg First thing in the morning: “can I play with the pad?”


2013_03_095.jpg Being confined is not so bad if you have McQueen

2013_03_100.jpg Time to race

2013_03_110.jpg Easter egg hunt

2013_03_113.jpg Finding the candy


2013_03_136.jpg Wonder what is inside these?

2013_03_138.jpg Meanwhile, Aiden plays with the pool hose

2013_03_163.jpg Smile everyone


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