New little Turkey

Baby Logan was born a few months ago and is the boy’s first cousin on Manish’s side of the family. The boys had a very eventful November as they spent quite a bit of time outdoors playing football, riding their bikes and visiting their grandparents and Uncle/Aunt in Austin for Thanksgiving.


2013_11_fam_01.jpg Battle with the foamy thing

2013_11_fam_02.jpg battle over the cars…did Evan win?

2013_11_fam_03.jpg Time to ride bikes

2013_11_fam_04.jpg Fall is so beautiful

2013_11_fam_05.jpg Evan loves it!

2013_11_fam_06.jpg Playing ball at (uncle) Oak’s house in Austin while Aiden rides the scooter

2013_11_fam_07.jpg Homerun?

2013_11_fam_08.jpg Baby Logan’s 1st Thanksgiving

2013_11_fam_09.jpg Grandparents and kids


2013_11_fam_11.jpg Logan is the center of attention

2013_11_fam_12.jpg Papa takes the boys out for ice cream

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