Fun times in NY

What a month! We made our annual trip to Rochester, NY to be part of Amisha’s surprise engagement from John Gordon. He did a phenomenal job organizing and executing the entire thing! She was very surprised and, most importantly, she said “Yes!”

Congrats to the newly engaged couple!

The boys had a blast and were so glad to see Papa, Grandma, Aunt Amisha and John’s family. Although it rained most of the time (go figure), the boys were able to get outside for a couple of days and had a fun time at the Chili Town Fair. They got to shoot a firehose, get in a fire truck and play on the bounce houses…overall, a very fun trip.


june_pics_01.jpg Caught a bug

june_pics_02.jpg Muddddy!

june_pics_03.jpg Time to clean off

june_pics_04.jpg Why so serious?

june_pics_05.jpg Chit chat time

june_pics_06.jpg Cheers

june_pics_07.jpg Amisha said…yes!

june_pics_08.jpg Congrats!


june_pics_10.jpg Going through puberty rather early

june_pics_11.jpg More bugs…Amisha wants nothing to do with them

june_pics_12.jpg Race time

june_pics_13.jpg Picking strawberries

june_pics_14.jpg Fun times at the county fair in Rochester, NY


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