Christmas in ’13

Winter is off to a cold start! We had a snow storm that blanketed the Dallas area and brought very cold temperatures. Of course, the boys saw an opportunity to play in the snow and did everything in their power to convince us to let them play outside. It did make for some fun pictures.

To top off the month, Christmas was a great way to end as the boys got several new gifts (some they like, others not as much) and had a great time with Uncle Tim, Aunt Aleta and their cousins Gavin and Kaelyn. Below are some pics from the last few weeks. Merry Christmas to all!


2013_12_fam_01.jpg Playing in the ice

2013_12_fam_02.jpg Evan and Ethan, so cute!

2013_12_fam_03.jpg Aiden, show your face!

2013_12_fam_04.jpg Still loves his green toy

2013_12_fam_05.jpg Ice and snow everywhere

2013_12_fam_06.jpg Christmas time!

2013_12_fam_07.jpg Ethan’s loves his gift while Aiden tries out the Arctic Cat

2013_12_fam_08.jpg With their cousins…time to open gifts

2013_12_fam_09.jpg Bedlam always ensues

2013_12_fam_14.jpg Decorations everywhere!

2013_12_fam_10.jpg Those three play outdoors while Aiden naps

2013_12_fam_11.jpg Both moms got great gifts!

2013_12_fam_12.jpg Ethan reads so well;

2013_12_fam_13.jpg What an eventful day for the boys

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