The boys turned six years old this September! What an amazing 6 years this has been for us!

Instead of having a birthday party here, we decided to take them to Seaworld (San Antonio), TX. It was their first time visiting and they had a wonderful time seeing the wildlife, enjoying the rides (including the roller coaster) and petting the dolphins. Below are a few favorites from the trip.


2013_09_pics_01.jpg On the roller coaster…Aiden, did it scare you?

2013_09_pics_02.jpg Merry go round and a few others

2013_09_pics_03.jpg Up and down….and some dolphins

2013_09_pics_04.jpg Speaking of dolphins…

2013_09_pics_05.jpg In the aqaurium. Aiden kept asking people “where is Nemo?”

2013_09_pics_06.jpg More playtime

2013_09_pics_07.jpg Playing ball in the backyard

2013_09_pics_08.jpg Ethan, why are you touching the sprinkler?

2013_09_pics_09.jpg Watching some TV

2013_09_pics_10.jpg A show (and some penguins)

2013_09_pics_11.jpg “Animal” connections

2013_09_pics_12.jpg Yes, they rode the water ride with a big splash

2013_09_pics_13.jpg At the end of the trip, Fun, but exhausting.

2013_09_pics_14.jpg Water time at Sea World

2013_09_pics_15.jpg On the way back, some time with Oak

2013_09_pics_16.jpg So happy to be home

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