RSV, IPad and Easter

It had been a while since Aiden was in the hospital but this month he caught RSV (as did Ethan and Evan) and ended up in the hospital for a few days. Fortunately, it was a mild strain and he stabilized quick enough to come home; albeit on oxygen.

The boys recovered just before Papa and Grandma visited. They were happy to see their grandparents but Papa’s IPad was the most fun! Aiden kept asking, “can I have the pad?”

The month ended with some Easter egg hunting in the backyard with their cousins (Gavin and Kaelyn).

2013_03_163.jpgBack in the hospital

2013_03_001.jpgAt rest

2013_03_007.jpgIcing his ‘injured’ knee

2013_03_015.jpgIt’s all about the “gamey”

2013_03_016.jpg…and football

2013_03_019.jpgPlaying with the Ipad

2013_03_026.jpgSo happy

2013_03_027.jpgHis turn

2013_03_040.jpgEveryone’s turn

2013_03_051.jpgPapa’s turn? Evan wants it back

2013_03_058.jpgAt McDonalds and loving it

2013_03_068.jpgPapa and Grandma feed the hungry little boys

2013_03_075.jpgEven in the midst of hunger, they still are looking at the game

2013_03_081.jpgMore Ipad?

2013_03_087.jpgFirst thing in the morning: “can I play with the pad?”


2013_03_095.jpgBeing confined is not so bad if you have McQueen

2013_03_100.jpgTime to race

2013_03_110.jpgEaster egg hunt

2013_03_113.jpgFinding the candy


2013_03_136.jpgWonder what is inside these?

2013_03_138.jpgMeanwhile, Aiden plays with the pool hose

2013_03_163.jpgSmile everyone

Marianne and Courtney’s Wedding

Marianne and Courtney’s wedding and reception took place at Temple Baptist Church in Flower Mound, TX. It was a rainy day but the weather cleared up long enough to get a few outdoor pictures.

Everyone had a great time and there was a special surprise ending for the couple. But, the bride and groom came prepared and showed us that umbrellas can be used for things other than rain!











Scott’s Family Portraits

I had a great portrait session last week with the Scott family in Lewisville, TX. They have five beautiful girls, which means poor Mark will never be able to retire as he will have five weddings to pay for! 🙂
It was a great day for pictures and the sun provided perfect rim lighting. Loved the matching outfits, and the balloons were a nice touch. Laura let (forced) me take them home to the boys (who were very excited to have them).