Cold start to 2013

Our hot water heater stopped working this January on a Friday evening. What a way to start the year! Apparently, the unit was so full of rust that it caused the pilot to constantly burn out due to lack of oxygen. The internal tank was on the verge of leaking.
But it was all fixed thanks to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, who did a phenomenal job! Through our home warranty company (which is not always reliable), we were able to get the entire unit covered with no fees, etc. Thank God for his goodness!!
The boys had a good month with no major illnesses and Aiden is doing very well. We are praying he gets through Winter with no illness. Below are some highlights from the month.

2013_01_134.jpgTime for a new water heater…too much rust

2013_01_001.jpgRiding their Mercedes


2013_01_008.jpgIt does not go very fast, but they enjoy it

2013_01_011.jpgMaybe it is a good thing it is not very fast

2013_01_020.jpgGot to share everything

2013_01_034.jpgWho is missing?

2013_01_041.jpgThere he is


2013_01_054.jpgLook at those faces

2013_01_058.jpgTime to play with the leaves



2013_01_071.jpgEvan has a handful

2013_01_078.jpgIt was a war of leaves



2013_01_088.jpgLoving it!


2013_01_094.jpgAiden vs. his brothers


2013_01_110.jpgDespite the odds being against him, he lives for this


2013_01_120.jpgEvan can jump!

2013_01_128.jpgAnd race…



2013_01_190.jpgKing Aiden?

2013_01_197.jpgGood job eating

2013_01_200.jpgThey still fit…sort of