The June Raccoon

We had a little run-in with a baby raccoon who decided to hang out by our front door. We called animal control and he captured the little terror (you can see him in the video below).

The boys are having quite a time swimming this summer! They love splashing, screaming and making every kind of noise 4-year old boys can make. They swim almost every day and usually more than once.

Since it was Manish’s birthday this month, the boys also partook (of course) and enjoyed Daddy’s cake and other treats.

The video also has some other clips of the boys admiring the new “look” of their bathroom. Additionally, they get some swim time and prayer time in too!



2012_06_001.jpg Relaxing

2012_06_006.jpg Also relaxing

2012_06_009.jpg Manish is officially half way through his 30s

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