This is probably the last month the boys will have to splash around in the pool. Even though it is warm in September, they don’t like the water unless it is very warm.

Next month, we will be at “Oak’s” wedding in Austin, TX and it will be a special treat for the boys. They are already looking forward to it. Here are some images

2012_08_003.jpg Splash

2012_08_005.jpg Having fun

2012_08_006.jpg Bucket head?


2012_08_018.jpg Is it too bright, Ethan?

2012_08_029.jpg Trying to chop down a tree with a stick

2012_08_032.jpg Fly…

2012_08_038.jpg Three little monkeys

2012_08_046.jpg He loves being outdoors

2012_08_047.jpg Here he comes

2012_08_050.jpg …into the sticks…

2012_08_053.jpg Classic

2012_08_057.jpg Now what?

2012_08_064.jpg Ethan has no fat on his body

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