Rochester 2012

The boys have been anticipating this trip for several weeks! Papa, Grandma, Amisha and, of course, Oak were all going to be there as well as Manish’s cousin, Rashmi with her husband (Aashish) and their children (Ananjay and Ananya).

Hannah took Aiden to Children’s Hospital Boston for some checkups after which she drove to Rochester while Manish flew there with the twins (all by himself!).

Papa and Grandma had a little (not so little) party to celebrate 4 things:
1. The triplets (a lot of their friends had not met them)
2. Oak’s graduation and the start of his medical practice in Austin,TX
3. Oak’s engagement to Miss O
4. Amisha’s graduation and start of Residency in Seattle, WA

Below is a short slideshow of trip with some pictures posted (some are repeats). It was a fun, but exhausting trip!


2012_05_608.jpg Ananjay is learning how to race with the triplets

2012_05_683.jpg Papa reads the boys a bedtime story

2012_05_690.jpg For the party, they had their own personal candy

2012_05_762.jpg Oak is taking them for a walk…or is it the other way around?

three_boys.jpg They love the big driveway to race their cars

race_with_oak.jpg A race with Oak as the referee

bigone.jpg Some different pictures of everyone including Grandma, Ananya and Aunt Rashmi

2012_05_784.jpg Oak and Miss O at the party

2012_05_847.jpg An attempt at a group family picture

2012_05_881.jpg Aunt Rashmi is having a great time

2012_05_882.jpg It is because her favorite person in the world is there 🙂

2012_05_886.jpg Aiden causing trouble under the table

2012_05_891.jpg Ethan is dancing with Ananya!

2012_05_893.jpg Look at the spin move!

2012_05_907.jpg Love those outfits

2012_05_913.jpg Loving their opportunity with the microphone

2012_05_914.jpg Look at that face!

2012_05_919.jpg Aiden looks disgruntled

2012_05_921.jpg Now he has a chance to play

2012_05_933.jpg Ananjay is having the time of his life

2012_05_936.jpg Ethan’s turn

2012_05_962.jpg Another family picture attempt

2012_05_967.jpg The kids

2012_05_978.jpg The guys

2012_05_981.jpg The original five

onplane.jpg On the way back: Ethan just woke up, Evan is playing and Aiden & Mommy are sleeping

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