Not too hot to handle

Even though it is summer, the weather has been quite mild in comparison to prior years. In fact, we were able to get some casual family pictures that turned out quite nice! (See below)

The boys also had Grandma and Papa visit and they too the Trips to Legoland. This was one of their favorite places to go although it was very, very crowded. The boys built little lego cars and raced them on the ramps.

Aiden is doing quite well in terms of health. He is consistently able to chew various foods and can even chew his allergy pill. Keep praying he keeps going!

2012_07_007.jpg The boys

2012_07_022.jpg The little boys

2012_07_024.jpg All of us

2012_07_026.jpg Mommy and the boys

2012_07_058.jpg Ethan gets ready to fly off Uncle Tim’s shoulders

2012_07_066.jpg Needs to adjust his shorts after being tossed

2012_07_069.jpg Evan rides Uncle Tim

2012_07_073.jpg Ethie and Grandma snuggle up on the couch

2012_07_076.jpg Papa and Aiden play together

2012_07_082.jpg Time for a walk

2012_07_093.jpg Fire cracker indeed!


2012_07_106.jpg Friends

2012_07_111.jpg At Lego Land

2012_07_116.jpg Aiden, the police officer

2012_07_119.jpg He loved racing the lego cars


2012_07_128.jpg Time to go on the ride

2012_07_135.jpg With his 3D glasses

2012_07_137.jpg Evan likes them too

2012_07_139.jpg The twins look grumpy

2012_07_150.jpg That’s a little better

2012_07_162.jpg What is he thinking?

2012_07_168.jpg Loves swimming!

2012_07_175.jpg Fly!

2012_07_176.jpg Ethan loves it too


2012_07_184.jpg Aiden’s ‘dive’

2012_07_188.jpg Fun, fun


2012_07_201.jpg Waterfall

2012_07_205.jpg Trying to make sure no one takes his “green toy”

2012_07_207.jpg About to be splashed…again

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