Muddy in May

What better for boys to do on a hot summer day than go swimming? Only one thing: play in mud! Our neighbors ran their sprinklers this evening and some of the water came into our yard by the edge of the fence. Since that part of the yard had little grass, it basically created a strip of mud.

Also included in the video below, is an example of how Aiden harasses his brothers. He calls Evan “boo-boo bear” and Ethan is “tiny dreams.” Pics and video below.



2012_05_994.jpg Feeding Aiden some ice cream and Baskin Robbins

2012_05_1006.jpg Muddy, muddy boys


2012_05_1014.jpg Loving it!



2012_05_1023.jpg All over his face

2012_05_1027.jpg Of course, he can’t get enough of this

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