Let it Hail

I was at work when the hail storm passed over. Unfortunately, it did not pass over the cars. Every coworker I spoke with had some level of damage to their car. Some only had to replace windshields while others had their cars totalled. In our case, we had to get a new roof, fenders, hood and multiple dents fixed. Thank God for insurance!

There is a short sound clip below with some pictures to give an idea of the extent of the damage. Some of the ice/hail was baseball size but there were other parts of Dallas that had softball size (or larger) pieces.

Fortunately, there was no damage to the house as it is further north of the storm. The boys were safe and having a good time. Now that things are back to “normal,” the weather has warmed up and they can play outdoors. The images below are of the boys playing out doors and a short clip of Aiden “shooting” the ants and all three wrestling…yet again.



Audio clip of hail bouncing off the roof (at work)


2012_04_hail2.jpg Nailed all over

2012_04_hail1.jpg It even cracked the paint

2012_04_005.jpg Zipping up

2012_04_008.jpg Evan shows off his ladybug

2012_04_012.jpg What are they doing?

2012_04_019.jpg Silly boy

2012_04_021.jpg Caring for their insects

2012_04_034.jpg What is he thinking?

2012_04_043.jpg He has all the toys

2012_04_050.jpg Time to race


2012_04_086.jpg Taking a break

2012_04_091.jpg Ethan, you forgot your toy

2012_04_117.jpg Aiden, be careful


2012_04_121.jpg He wants his toy back

2012_04_124.jpg He is upset because he has to share it

2012_04_127.jpg About to crash

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