A good start to 2012…

We are well into the month of January and are pleased to report that, for the most part, everyone is doing fairly well. Besides some sinus and ear infections, Aiden has (so far) not experienced any of the major respiratory or GI issues that we typically see occur around this time of year and is continuing to recover from his surgery and post-op infections.

We are extremely thankful for the new pain and respiratory medications that has been so effective and significantly improved his health and quality of life in the past several months by limiting the vicious cycle of vomiting and aspiration events and improving his lung function.

Now that his ears, tonsils and adenoids are taken care of, we are hopeful that his health will continue to stabilize and prove to be a new baseline for him. His therapy has resumed, and we are all thrilled that he does not seem to have experienced as significant a setback as we expected from the surgery.

Ethan and Evan are doing well, growing so quickly and learning new things every day, although their ears seem to be acting up every now and then. They just had their ear tubes replaced a couple months ago, but each have one tube that has started coming out. Hopefully this won’t become a recurring issue.

Our Texas “winter” has been lovely thus far, with very little inclement weather. We are praying for it to continue, as the cold weather is so hard on Aiden’s lungs. The mild temperatures have also allowed the boys to enjoy more time outdoors, which they love.

The video below is of the twins singing as “wise men” in the Cherub Choir at church just before Christmas.


2011_12_002.jpg Enjoying a movie

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