Christmas 2012

It was a rather eventful December. All the boys were sick at one point and then Manish and Hannah got sick as well. The flu was going around but we are not sure exactly what it was. First Aiden, then Ethan, Evan, Manish and finally Hannah. Manish was sick Christmas day…not fun.

The boys also had their ear tubes put in (for the third, or is it forth?, time) to stop the drainage and other issues they have been having.

Despite these issues, they had great (snowy) Christmas and got some very nice toys from Mom and Dad, Grandparents, relatives and Uncle Tim and Aunt Aleta. In the video below, you can see Aiden getting his medical treatment for his lungs and a short clip of the boys reciting Luke 2. They did a great job memorizing nearly the first 30 verses.

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas!



2012_12_misc1.jpgA White Christmas!

2012_12_collage.jpgRiding their bikes

2012_12_027.jpgTimes Three!



2012_12_056.jpgLove those bikes!

2012_12_060.jpgSo cute

2012_12_064.jpgWith their Mimi

2012_12_067.jpgTime to open…presents!

2012_12_080.jpgWhat’s in here?

2012_12_084.jpgThrowing ‘peanuts’ at each other

2012_12_collage2.jpgThey love their gifts!

2012_12_087.jpgThey used to bit in their

2012_12_128.jpgA dream come true: he got his Tanker truck

2012_12_139.jpgLoving it!


2012_12_184.jpgUncle Tim shows them a short video

2012_12_187.jpgStop putting your hands in your mouth!

2012_12_196.jpgWhat are they watching?


2012_12_210.jpgDon’t take little Gavin’s toys!

2012_12_219.jpgMore gifts?

2012_12_257.jpgIn the midst of chaos, Aiden reads

2012_12_286.jpgWhat did Uncle Tim and Aunt Aleta get the boys?

2012_12_288.jpgWow… a Mercedes.


2012_12_302.jpgEnd of day…bedlam.

A November to Remember

It was a fun-filled November for the boys as Papa, Grandma and Aunt Amisha visited for Thanksgiving. Also, their Uncle Sarvish was in town on a corporate training program so he stopped by for Thanksgiving as well. A full house!

Below are several pictures from this month. The boys loved riding their new bikes all over the place and Papa and Grandma had to keep up!

2012_11_other1.jpgFall is here and the colors are beautiful!

2012_11_004.jpgAunt Amisha surrounded by the Trips

2012_11_006.jpgGrandma is enjoying spending time with the boys

2012_11_009.jpgHappy Thanksgiving!

2012_11_014.jpgPapa shows the boys some old pictures of when we were little

2012_11_017.jpgThis looks like trouble

2012_11_026.jpgSpeaking of trouble…

2012_11_032.jpgLoving his Papa…

2012_11_033.jpg…running from Papa

2012_11_036.jpgAiden, what you are looking for?

2012_11_042.jpgGiving some leaves to Papa

2012_11_044.jpgHere come Ethan

2012_11_051.jpgHe always untucks his feeding tube

2012_11_other2.jpgEthan throws some on Aiden

2012_11_061.jpgPapa, Grandma and the boys

2012_11_071.jpgHe does not speak softy, but he carries a big stick

2012_11_other3.jpgLooks like he plans to use it

2012_11_076.jpgEvan! Get down from there.

2012_11_085.jpgEvan decided to pout

2012_11_086.jpgThat may have been a bad idea…

2012_11_088.jpg…a very bad idea…

2012_11_090.jpgEthan ready to climb

2012_11_091.jpgEvan is getting back up

2012_11_092.jpgAiden tries to climb

2012_11_098.jpgThe wall crawl

2012_11_other5.jpgAll three on ledge with Ethan throwing leaves

2012_11_110.jpgThe tongue


2012_11_113.jpgEthan did it

2012_11_123.jpgThen threw something at Papa

2012_11_124.jpgPapa throws back

2012_11_128.jpgBest friends

2012_11_129.jpgAiden, you are supposed to hold hands when crossing!

2012_11_133.jpgGrandma is going to get hit with leaves too

2012_11_134.jpgAiden is the target



2012_11_147.jpgAnd again…



2012_11_154.jpgHe tries to get away

2012_11_156.jpgEvan is in the hunt…

2012_11_other4.jpg…for a prey to throw leaves on

2012_11_176.jpgEthan cooks with Grandma

2012_11_184.jpgHere comes Evan

2012_11_198.jpgRiding bikes with Papa

2012_11_209.jpgAiden needs a pitstop

2012_11_224.jpgAunt Amisha, that is not yours

2012_11_230.jpgWatching something on Mommy’s new cell phone

2012_11_233.jpg…and loving it.

Oak’s Wedding

This past month was quite a blast for the boys. They went to Austin to take part in their uncle Oak’s wedding!

They got to meet several people including many of our relatives from India and several other friends. In the images below, you will see pictures of their cousins Ananjay, Ananya and Aiden (he is from London so we called him ‘London Aiden).

Once they got back home, the boys spent quite a bit of time riding around on their bicycles. We are especially grateful to Amtryke for providing Aiden with a special bike so he can ride with his brothers.

0179_os.jpgFrom left to right, Ethan, Ananya, Ananhay, Evan, Aiden and (London) Aiden

0193_os.jpgGrandma and the original 5

0652_os.jpgWho is enjoying this more than anyone?

0837_os.jpgGrandma and great grandkids


2012_10_001.jpgEnjoying some time with the animals

2012_10_003.jpgWhat are they watching?

2012_10_009.jpgThey seem to love it

2012_10_030.jpgAiden races his cars

2012_10_031.jpgBreathing treatment time

2012_10_033.jpgTrick or treat

2012_10_037.jpgRide those bikes!

2012_10_038.jpgThe helmet looks too large

2012_10_040.jpgThey love it!


collage_2012_10.jpgEthan is determined as Aiden rides on his special little bike

Mia & Rich’s Wedding

Mia and Rich had their wedding and reception at the Wales Manor Vineyard & Winery in McKinney, TX. The weather was somewhat tempermental but, thankfully, the rain held off through the entire wedding. I had a great time and could not help but notice that the groom looked very much like a certain celebrity: then mannerisms, smile and even the mole!

Ulta Salon provided the makeup, In Bloom served as the florist, Stern’s Catering provided food and Rejoice Bakery designed the cake.


stone! 5 years old! The Trips had their birthday party at Best Gymnastics in Lewisville, TX. The facility was rented out entirely for there birthday party so they had full reign of the entire place! Of course, the party had a “Lightning McQueen” feel to it.

They got soooo many presents that we had to open a few each day over the course of a few days. Now, we have to work on getting the house back in order since there are toys and other junk all over the place! A few pics from this month.

2012_09_005.jpgLooking at his new toy


2012_09_014.jpgThey love it

2012_09_016.jpgMore toys

2012_09_032.jpgGoing for a ride in the white Camaro

2012_09_038.jpgTrying to chop down a tree with a stick

2012_09_040.jpgRunning from Ms. Brittany

2012_09_049.jpgDecorations for the birthday bash

2012_09_052.jpgAiden attempts to smile

2012_09_collage1.jpgAiden jumps while Ethan eats

2012_09_064.jpgLots of space to play

2012_09_collage2.jpgCake, treats, decorations…a McQueen Birthday

2012_09_086.jpgLining up the kids

2012_09_092.jpgThe trips…classic!

2012_09_108.jpgAiden swings

2012_09_133.jpgEthan’s turn

2012_09_163.jpgClose your eyes boys

2012_09_170.jpgKeep them shut for your surprise

2012_09_179.jpgThe surprise…Best Gymnastics Shirts

2012_09_218.jpgNew bikes for their birthday

2012_09_225.jpgPlaying outdoors with cars on the driveway

2012_09_251.jpgMore gifts…

2012_09_261.jpgLaunching pad