Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy 2012! Christmas was so much fun this year as the boys are now old enough to understand it a little bit better and of course, get very excited about it. Thanks to incredibly generous family & friends, the boys had plenty of gifts to open, so we spread them out over the entire day of the 25th. Naturally, there were lots of cars, trucks, and all things boy…with a few Lightning McQueen/Cars related presents thrown in as well! We thoroughly enjoyed a special day of celebrating the birth of our Saviour together with wonderful family & friends–doesn’t get any better than that.

Aiden is (finally) nearly recovered from surgery and doing much better with his O2 requirements. We have been able to reduce his constant breathing treatments so they are less frequent, and he is sounding and feeling much better, although he has been a little junky and had a little dry cough the past week. He is making huge progress in his occupational therapy, and is also doing very well with his feeding therapy (eating yogurt, chocolate pudding, etc., and making progress with learning how to handle textures). We are praying that he will stay healthy and hoping that his new meds will help keep this winter from being a repeat of the past 3 years.

Ethan and Evan are growing and getting bigger every single day. They are writing their letters and learning how to read, which they are very excited about! Of course, they keep us on our toes with lots of interesting questions as they are trying to figure out life & the world around them. Both have had ear & sinus infections in the past couple of weeks due to an ear tube that became blocked and has started to come out, but otherwise and doing well and enjoying life.

We are so thankful for each of you and your continued support and prayers, and pray many blessings for you and your family in 2012.

2011_12_002.jpg Racing around

2011_12_003.jpg Aiden is so happy

2011_12_016.jpg Evan tries to help him up the slide

2011_12_035.jpg Holding hands

2011_12_044.jpg The first round of Christmas presents

2011_12_050.jpg Who is it from?

2011_12_053.jpg Time to open

2011_12_059.jpg What did you get?

2011_12_081.jpg More cars?

2011_12_111.jpg They love racing their new toys

2011_12_120.jpg Lots of gifts!

2011_12_128.jpg Smile

2011_12_134.jpg The trips keep ripping into their gifts

2011_12_202.jpg Some new books

2011_12_205.jpg Uh oh, Aidy got put in time out for bad behavior

2011_12_256.jpg Bedlam!

2011_12_259.jpg Wow…McQueen pajamas

2011_12_273.jpg A new “lightbulb” McQueen after the old one broke

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  1. Laura Scott says:

    Beautiful photos! The girls loved viewing! They kept saying again! again! We love the Mehta family!

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