Tubes, adenoids and tonsils…oh my

Ethan and Evan each had a surgical procedure to remove their adenoids and reinsert new ear tubes yesterday morning. Fortunately, it has been a quick recovery so far but they are limited as to what physical activities they can do until everything is fully healed. Aiden is scheduled to have his tonsils and adenoids removed as well as getting ear tubes on December 6th and Medical City Dallas. Please pray for a smooth procedure and quick recovery! He will most likely spend at least one night at the hospital.

Aiden continues to progress in terms of eating. Almost every night, he asks for Chocolate Pudding because his “tummy is hungry.” Along with pudding (and tube fed formula), his diet includes yogurt, baby foods and pringle sticks (which he chews but then spits them out as he is not quite ready to swallow).

The boys have fallen in love with a dog named “Lady” who belongs to our friends the Newtons. Below are some pictures of them at their daughter’s birthday party. Ethan and Evan followed the dog while Aiden was chasing after someone else (see below). Also, Aiden likes to pick on Evan. He calls him “Mr. Baby” and “baby boy” (which is ironic considering the source). In the clip below he calls him “tiny little baby.”



2011_11_004.jpg He just woke up and was cold

2011_11_005.jpg Such eyes!

2011_11_006.jpg Why the scowl?

2011_11_009.jpg Aiden?! What are you doing?!

2011_11_010.jpg They LOVED “lady”

2011_11_011.jpg Trying to nap while cuddling with the trips

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