Tonsils, tackles and Thanksgiving…

Brrrrr! Winter has come to Texas so early in this December! Just before Thanksgiving, we went from 80 degrees to our first freeze, and we’ve been experiencing a cold spell ever since. The boys just don’t understand why they can’t get up and pull their shorts and sandals on first thing every morning…all this gear (shoes, socks, long pants, sweatshirts, coats…) is taking quite some getting used to for these little boys, who “want the warm back!” Ethan said yesterday “I think spring is almost here, Mommy. Is it going to be warm tomorrow so I can wear my shorts?”

This Thanksgiving the boys had their Papa, Grandma, Uncle “Oak”, the future “Mrs. Oak” and Amisha in town they loved every bit of it!

Their other new love is playing football…it gives them an excuse to tackle each other! In the video below, you can see the boys playing ball and poor Evan getting tackled every which way (even Aiden tackled him). Additionally, they love their new gymnastic classes. We love it too because it gives them some physical indoor activity thus making their naps a little longer 🙂

This past week, Aiden had his tonsils and adenoids removed as well as getting ear tubes. Given his medical condition, they wanted him to stay overnight at the hospital even though the procedure is typically outpatient. Aiden is still requiring O2 and did have some rough patches but, all things considered, he had done fairly well as long as we remained proactive with pain management.

We will of course monitor his vitals and handle the O2 wean, meds, feeds, etc. at home as we have for the past 3 years, as long as we have an effective regime in place and are not seeing dangerous complications such as choking and aspiration.

We are so grateful and blessed by your continued prayers, kind thoughts, friendship and support, which means so much to our family.

2011_11_016.jpg Papa got Ethie

2011_11_024.jpg Look who!

2011_11_031.jpg Too much hair

2011_11_034.jpg Aiden and Papa take a walk together

2011_11_045.jpg Not sure which way to go

2011_11_050.jpg Boys, stop wrestling outside!

2011_11_052.jpg Wait for me!

2011_11_066.jpg Tried to climb but got stuck and Ethan tried to help

2011_11_069.jpg Papa chases Evan

2011_11_078.jpg Grandma watches the boys play

2011_11_084.jpg Having fun

2011_11_099.jpg Aiden, you are doing it!

2011_11_109.jpg Success!

2011_11_114.jpg Amisha reads to the Trips

2011_11_116.jpg Loving their gymnastics

2011_11_120.jpg Aiden poses in the middle of a routine

2011_11_132.jpg Ethan too

2011_11_137.jpg Good job!

2011_11_142.jpg Fly Ethan

2011_11_146.jpg Fly Evan

2011_11_151.jpg Aiden goes down the rabbit hole

2011_11_177.jpg Evan swings on a rope…

2011_11_182.jpg Ethan swings (and the drops later)

2011_11_191.jpg Jump!

2011_11_193.jpg “Oak” help the boys decorate

2011_11_204.jpg Finalizing the tree

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