Getting back to ‘normal’

Thanks for all the encouraging words and prayers! Aiden is doing much better! The new antibiotics seemed to have addressed the GI issues he was experiencing and he is feeling more like his jolly old self again. Although he is not 100% back to baseline, he is back off of the O2 and doing much better.

Ethan is also doing well. (He had experienced an asthma like attack while Aiden was in the hospital.) Aiden’s pulmonologist has prescribed a some daily maintenance meds that will hopefully help prevent another attack of this severity going forward. It is difficult enough to have one sick child, but things are significantly more challenging when two are sick!

We have been enjoying some incredibly beautiful warm weather these past two days. The boys were thrilled to finally get outdoors and soak up some sun! Some images below.

2011_01_002.jpg Here comes trouble

2011_01_006.jpg Aiden is climbing to the top

2011_01_012.jpg Evan, what are you looking at?

2011_01_016.jpg Get the rings!

2011_01_019.jpg I see you

2011_01_020.jpg Ethan tries to hide

2011_01_022.jpg They love this

2011_01_028.jpg Castle Park is one of their favorites

2011_01_034.jpg Aunt Aleta and Ethan bounce up and down

2011_01_035.jpg The tongue is always out

2011_01_044.jpg Time to feed the ducks

2011_01_053.jpg Get over here duckies!

2011_01_055.jpg Evan explaining things to Mommy

2011_01_056.jpg Still explaining…

2011_01_060.jpg What a cute face!

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