Back So Soon?

    Update 2/16/11:

As mentioned previously, we knew that something else was brewing with Aiden. His blood work confirmed that, and for the past several days he has been very lethargic. Yesterday morning, he developed some additional air in his upper chest (pneumomediastinum) and neck area, and has also developed some subcutaneous air (under the skin) around the neck & collarbone, which is also rather painful. The doctors are watching it closely will do more x-rays in the AM.

We were pleasantly surprised, however, that today (for the first time in several days!), he actually wanted to hold his cars, showed some interest in a movie & even colored for a little bit, which was so good to see after the past couple of days. We even saw a tiny smile!

For now, we are in a holding pattern, watching and waiting to see what happens, and praying that the additional air in his chest does not require further intervention. The doctors are still concerned that there may also be some additional GI issues flaring up to further complicate things. We are so grateful for all of your prayers and kind thoughts for Aiden. Please continue to pray that his body will begin to heal w/o further respiratory or GI complications.

2011_02_026.jpg Temporarily reunited to watch a movie at the hospital


    Update 2/12/11:

Aiden is doing marginally better over the last few days. His blood work shows much better results as the anti-biotics are working and the x-rays show the conditions of his lungs have not deteriorated (although they have not significantly improved either). He is still on constant oxygen.

Unfortunately, he still has intense pain in the left side of the chest which is baffling considering there is nothing significantly visible on the x-rays. They did start giving some strong pain medication which has helped but he still complains of pain in the left area of his chest. And of course, he will not sleep in the bed and will only stay in his stroller (his comfort spot).

Thanks for your continued prayers!

2011_02_025.jpg In his safe spot


    Update 2/8/11:

Monday night was a rough night for Aiden as he had difficulty maintaining his oxygen and dealing with intense pain overnight. X-rays indicate some additional infiltrates in the left lung and symptoms indicate that he may have developed a pneumothorax that is not visible on the x-ray.

On a positive note, yesterday morning’s labs show that he is responding to the antibiotic coverage, which is a very good sign. Even so, he is still in pain and both he and Hannah are getting very little sleep at the hospital.

We are so grateful for your continued prayers!


Aiden is back in the hospital 🙁 Over the weekend, he got a 104 degree temperature, had difficulty breathing and had an excessive heart rate. So, we had no choice but to take him back. It appears to have been caused from aspiration pneumonia but we are waiting on x-ray results to confirm. He is back on oxygen and is clearly having some pain in his chest.

Ethan and Evan are not at 100% as one has a bad cough and the other has what appears to be an ear infection. Winters are brutal! But at least it is not as bad as last year. Nevertheless, please keep us (and especially Aiden) in your prayers.

At least we were able to enjoy the snow for a little while before all this. The entire area was pretty much shut down but the boys had a great time playing outdoors (see pictures below).

2011_02_003.jpg Ready to go out and play in the snow

2011_02_005.jpg Aiden loves this


2011_02_012.jpg Snow everywhere!

2011_02_014.jpg Ethan tries to hit me with a snowball

2011_02_019.jpg Loving it!

2011_02_020.jpg Trying to make more snowballs

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