Back Home (hopefully to stay)

Finally, Aiden has returned home! He still has extensive aspiration pneumonia in both lungs and air throughout his chest and around his heart; but it appears to have stabilized and does not seem to be getting any worse. The subcutaneous air and swelling in his neck and upper chest has improved slightly.

His O2 requirements seem to have stabilized as well, and we can certainly maintain his stats with O2 at home and watch him just as closely, without having to expose him to all of the nasty stuff that is going around in the hospital. There is really nothing that they were doing in the hospital that we cannot handle at home (given that we have pretty much established our own home hospital/medical supply co. over the last 3 years!).

The hospital docs were somewhat hesitant about him leaving as they wanted to keep him at least through next week. But we felt that this is really best for Aiden and his pulmonologist agrees. We know that he is so much happier and will heal more quickly at home in an environment where he is more relaxed & comfortable, and can get some much-needed rest.

We will continue outpatient x-rays & blood work to monitor the air in his chest and his WBC counts in the days and weeks to come. His doctors are still concerned that there is something else brewing–probably GI related–but nothing has shown up in testing and there is not much we can do at this point except watch and wait.

As you can imagine, Aiden is ecstatic to be home, with Daddy & his brothers, and in his own bed. Thank you for your continued faithful prayers and all the words of encouragement; we are so thankful for each of you and the many prayers that we know are going up on Aiden’s behalf which have made such a difference. Please continue to pray that Aiden’s body will heal without further respiratory or GI complications, and that his medical team will have wisdom in knowing how best to keep him comfortable and address some of the resulting/associated health issues.

2011_02_042.jpg Glad to be back!

2011_02_039.jpg Aiden watches while his brothers run

2011_02_035.jpg So happy that Mommy and Aiden are home

2011_02_061.jpg He wants to get out of the stroller

2011_02_063.jpg Here comes trouble…


2011_02_082.jpg Out of the stroller, but still attached

2011_02_086.jpg For Aiden, this is the closest thing to freedom (for now)

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