4 year old! How time flies. It seems just like yesterday they were only a couple pounds and a few inches long.

The boys had quite a birthday. Papa, Grandma, ‘Oak’ and ‘Ms. O’ were in town. Ethan and (especially) Evan consider Oak to be their ‘best friend’ so it made this birthday a little more special to have him here.

Below are some pictures and video of their birthday including a McQueen cake, Mcqueen shirts and even a McQueen pinata!



2011_09_004.jpgAll he wants is Cheetos. Addict!

2011_09_015.jpgWhat is in here?

2011_09_016.jpgAiden, don’t threaten people!

2011_09_019.jpgThey loved the cake!

2011_09_024.jpgBlow the candles, Aiden

2011_09_027.jpgEvan wanted the cars

2011_09_028.jpgYou can tell what Ethan wanted

2011_09_051.jpgThe perfect pinata

2011_09_054.jpgEvan with a big swing…

2011_09_075.jpgAiden nails it…

2011_09_077.jpgEthan’s turn…

2011_09_090.jpgThere it goes!

2011_09_095.jpgAiden decided to try a lollipop.


2011_09_107.jpgAfter the party (and a long nap), they want to Mimi’s house

2011_09_111.jpgTime to slide


2011_09_146.jpgTime for a break.



2011_09_155.jpgThrow the ball high

2011_09_167.jpgYour turn

2011_09_169.jpgHe wanted it to go “super high”

2011_09_170.jpgBreak time is over and now time to play

2011_09_172.jpgHe loves this!

2011_09_188.jpgHi my little bear!

2011_09_203.jpgJust a few more gifts to open later that night


2011_09_216.jpgWill McQueen be as popular next year?